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Doing “Good Deeds” for Others is Overrated

I ran across an interesting post that implied that we do not need to do “good” deeds for others….here’s the link: Get Happy Tip – Don’t Do Good Deeds

I have never really wanted to come out and say it like that (although I always admire straight forward honesty)…I am glad that I have the opportunity to express how true this statement is to me.

First of all, the reason that I never wanted to write a post about the fact that we don’t have to do “good” deeds in order to be happy is because most spiritual books that you will read in your life imply that doing good for others brings happiness……which is something that I also agree with.

Another reason I have not come right out and said these words is because I find that people don’t like to accept certain aspects of themselves which makes it hard to convey the fact that doing “good deeds” can really be a very selfish act.

In fact, I believe that in most cases it is…..due to the fact that most of us delude ourselves and deny the true intentions behind our behavior.

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