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What is Our Purpose?

This question is definately a loaded question.  First, before we can even ask the question, we have to be able to solidly conclude that we actually have a purpose.  Coming to this conclusion is like climbing up a very, very high mountain -not so fun and quite tiring and we may even lose hope, confidence and motivation that we may ever reach the top.  If we can persevere against all of these odds, we will eventually reach the top of the mountain.  So too – once we finally can KNOW that there even is a certain purpose (or goal) that we are trying to reach during our lives – that is when we have reached the top of the mountain of life,

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My First Post – Introduction to My Blog


I am starting this blog because 1) let’s be honest, I am trying to market my first book and 2) I, myself, am an extremely opinionated person and I love to share my “humble” opinion with others.  I am 40 years old and it took me close to that many years to discover that not everybody agrees with me or even cares about my opinion – even though I think I am right most of the time (:)), but none the less we all need a forum to express ourselves and a blog is perfect for that purpose.

I decided that a blog would be a good way to communicate some of my own unique life philosophies as well as a great avenue for raising questions and initiating debates regarding many other controversial conversation favorites (which usually end of being conversation no-no’s) such as religion, politics, history and science.

Over the course of this blog project, I intend to fill up my category list with everything from simple discussions regarding what is the best kind of dog to own and more debates focusing on touchy subjects such as the existence of G-d.

Before I continue adding posts, I would like to give you my philosophical starting point, in other words, the basis of all my future posts.  I am just warning some of you that are particularly sensitive to  religious philosophies of others, I will be talking very openly about my view of religion which is my right as a human being as well as everybody else’s right.  We are free spirits with free will.  I am not asking you to accept my point of view, however, I am sure I am not the only one with my set of beliefs and understanding, and by being able to voice mine as well as opening a forum for the acceptance of other points of view, I can create a more peaceful environment in which we all can share ideas and learn from each other – which, if I am not mistaken, is the common goal of EVERY RELIGION!!!!

I am Jewish and I am strongly attached to the title of being a Jew (whatever that means – I will probably publish a blog on this topic soon).  I also believe that the Torah (the Bible) is to be used as our guide to life.  However, as far as accepting only one interpretation of the laws written in the Torah that applies to all Jews exactly the same-  I am not logically able to do that.  Due to my “heresy”,  my orthodox Jewish friends think I am not considered a good “Jew”.  A good person maybe, but not a good Jew because I do not live my life consistent with the orthodox version of Judaism,

I beg to differ.  I am strong in my faith in what I call the Life Force of the Universe (a.k.a. G-d) and I also believe that the Life Force of the Universe gave us the Torah along with everything else that is in the world that we live in.  I believe that the Life Force of the Universe is all-knowing and is therefore beyond our understanding as no one on this earth is ALL-knowing (even myself ..).  Accordingly, I can understand why we were given a guide of laws that is what we call the Torah (or the bible), but my question is – if we don’t follow the laws listed are we going to be faced with the wrath of G-d or might it be something else entirely.  Maybe,  the all-knowing Life Force of the Universe wanted to help us out with our journey here on earth and offered some really good survival tips that were vague enough that could be interpreted individually based on each of our unique life circumstances.  In other words – maybe – the laws are necessary and without proper knowledge, understanding and implementation of them we may actually feel as though we have been punished in life because of our own faulty actions. On the other hand, with proper knowledge, understanding and appropriate implementation of the laws – which may be unique to each individual  – our purpose may be revealed.  But… maybe the only way to acquire these tools is to accept that each of us have an individual purpose in the world and if we study the Torah (or the Bible) regularly we may start have a greater insight a to where we can find these tools and how to use them in our own way.

In conclusion, I believe that we all have a unique purpose and our physical life is given to us in order to find out what this purpose is.  There are many clues and guides sent to us by the Life Force of the Universe that can lead us in the right direction if we pay close attention.  But – if we fail to pay attention and refuse to become more conscious, life can look as though it was meant to be stressful, depressing and hopeless.  When that happens, we turn to the physical emptiness such as working like slaves for money that we think will result in power that we think will ultimately lead us to the happiness that we seek, all the while not realizing that simply being ourselves – whoever that might be – is all we need to do.  To summarize – Our journey is finding out who we are!!!!!

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Why is Life Unfair?

Life is full of controversy so here is a thought to live by:
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Shannon Miller

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