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When What You Look Like Defines You

I get a lot of feedback on posts about looks and weight issues so I am going to add another to the many that I have already (see below for the links).

First of all, I want to start with saying that there is nowhere that you will ever be able to quote me saying that I think that looks don’t matter.  They do matter if not for the mere fact that you want the person you are with to be attracted to you.

But…….that doesn’t mean that cookie cutter looks matter.

Why are we so consumed with spending so much time, energy and money when it comes to altering our image to suit what television, movies, magazines and advertising tell us that we should look like.

Doesn’t it occur to anyone they are all in on the joke……and the joke is that they are making money on our insecurities!!!!

Yes….that’s right.  By spending so much time, energy and money on our attempt to look like Angelina Jolie, we are feeding into exactly what the people making our money want us to!!

Even worse is when we decide that what we look like defines us.  In other words, when we have no confidence in anything besides our looks and we invest everything we have into looking like everyone else…….Guess what?   You look like everyone else! (except maybe you have dark hair instead of blond hair?!?)

And….guest what else?  If you are defined by your looks, your definition is that you are not special………you are just like everyone else!!!!

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