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To Live a Purpose Driven Life – Part II

Cont from “To Live a Purpose Driven Life – Part !

………..So I wrote a book.

When I wrote the book, I did not have making money in mind.  In fact, I left it on a free website for about a year and forgot about it.  I figured to myself that there is no way I can convince anyone that they don’t have to listen to what other people tell them, I can only hope to provide an inspiring resource to others and if they choose to read it, then great….other than that, I can do nothing else.

One day I woke up and my desire to share my knowledge with others was overwhelming.  This desire was just as strong as my desire for to cheat on my husband when my husband was not fulfilling my need for love and acceptance.

I became “depressed” the same way as I became “depressed” when I felt unloved by my husband.  I needed to fulfill my desire and I couldn’t understand why I was not able to.  How was I going to get my words out?

I started by completing my E-book formatting so that it could be submitted for “premium distribution”, which means that it would be distributed to Barnes & Nobles, Sony, Apple, Amazon and some other outlets.  I also decided to charge a small fee, because I felt that I needed to consider it worth something and by charging money for my creation, I was putting value on it.

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To Live a Purpose Driven Life – Part I

How can we lead a purpose driven life if we don’t even know what are our purpose here is?

I, of course, cannot tell you what your purpose is.  Each of us have our own unique purpose.   But what I can do is express how it feels when you know that you have figured out what your purpose is and what it takes to fulfill it.

I did not know my purpose – or even think I had a unique purpose – until the age of 35.  At this point in my life, I ran into a wall and was unable to figure out why so many things seemed to be stacked against me – even though I really felt like I was doing everything the “right” way.

I was very responsible to my job and family and I was the kind of person that tried to be “good” all the time.  I was always helping others out and I had a strong fear of G-d.  I was afraid to do things “wrong” because I might get punished by G-d.

But……is there a person on this earth that doesn’t do something  that is “wrong”?

I ended up doing something very, very wrong……

I cheated on my first husband.

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