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Are We “Better” People if We Are Religious?

The concept of religion, in my opinion, is misunderstood by a vast majority of people.  Being “religious” or abiding by religious laws and living within a religious community and sending our kids to religious schools……is not going to “save” us.

Religion is far more complex than just doing what we think is the “right” thing in G-d’s eyes.

Most of us think that being polite, going to Church or Synagogue, raising our kids not to have premarital sex, and proclaiming ourselves to be G-d fearing is all it takes to be “religious”.

In fact, the purpose of religion, in my opinion, is not even to teach us how to be “ethical” or “moral” for the sake of other people.

I believe that religion, if studied properly, guides us on the path to finding G-d (or The Life Force of the Universe) Himself – and teaches us how to attach ourselves to It’s energy.

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G-d Put The Tree There On Purpose

Why did G-d put the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden to begin with just to tell Adam that he can’t eat from it?  Why did the serpent ask Eve if G-d really said that she can’t eat from any of the trees? Why did Eve respond that she can eat from any of the trees, but G-d said ‘You can’t eat or touch the tree from the middle of the Garden lest you die’?

This was a all chain reaction to the the fact that G-d put the Tree there to begin with.

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Releasing Emotions Makes Us Human

I am a woman and I am an emotional one at that.   I have been told by many people throughout my life that I have to control my emotions.   This may be true, but to what extent must we get them under control?

Is there something wrong with crying because you feel hurt and expressing that to the person that hurt you emotionally?

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Reality Television – My Guilty Pleasure

Everybody likes to kick back and enjoy a little guilty pleasure once in a while.  My guilty pleasure is ice cream and….da,da,da daaaah…. Reality Television.

I cannot deny I am a Reality TV junkie.  I really get into it.  My husband laughs at me and I suspect he secretly thinks I just fake the spiritual thing and I’m really just a nitwit (just kidding – he knows I’m really a nitwit..:))

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Overcoming the Fear of Death

If you have read my blog post called Fear vs. Faith – Are They Compatable?, you might question the following; If aquiring true faith results in no fear within…how is it possible to ever rid ourselves of the fear of death?

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Peace in the Midst of Terror

Everyone who wants to see it can see it.   Peace has got to be in our future.   How do we know?   Because Jews, Christians and Moslems all agree on some sort of concept of a Messiah and anyone who believes in a merciful G-d (from here forward, I will be referring to G-d as the Life Force of the Universe) must believe that there will be a point in time that peace will be ever present.   Through faith in The Life Force of the Universe, we can be assured that peace will eventually be ours.   Read the rest of this entry »


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Guilt – Faith’s Biggest Enemy

In order to have true faith, one of the hurdles is you have to believe you deserve the presence of The Life Force of the Universe in your life.   If you have guilt about anything, you cannot truly feel that you deserve the benefit of true faith. Guilt, founded or not, prevents us from true faith. As long as guilt exists, we will never truly believe that we deserve the help or comfort of The Life Force of the Universe.

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