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Mother-In-Laws and their Baby Boys

If you are considering marring (or are already married) to a “mommy’s baby boy”……my condolences.

I was that girl…..and I didn’t realize what I was in for before I got married to them.

When my first husband and I got married, he was working in day camp as a life guard and I had a real job with benefits and pay.  During the year (after a lot of coaxing) he got a job in a school part time as a gym teacher.  I got pregnant right after our wedding.  We panicked a little, but since we both got along with my mother-in-law at the time,we all decided that it would be a good idea that she moved in with us so that I could keep working and we didn’t have to pay a babysitter during the day.

It turned out not to be such a good idea.

Before Kayla, my daughter, was born, we were a having a few problems due to the fact that whenever my husband and I fought, he would always include his mother and her opinion…..and he would tell me…:”See, my mother agrees with me..”

I started slowly but surely resenting his mother and I didn’t want to live with her after a while, but I had no choice.  The baby was coming and my husband at the time still didn’t have a good job.

So, instead, I simply became a bitch.  I came home from work everyday pregnant and angry and the duo got the raw end of it.

Kayla was born and six weeks later I had to go back to work.  This was understood from the beginning and if I didn’t go back to work, we would have no money to pay our bills.

I nursed Kayla whenever I could, but, of course, during the day, while I was at work, I could not nurse her and I left milk for my mother in law to feed her with.

After about a month, I started noticing that when I was home, Kayla would not sleep until I nursed her.  I found this to be weird  – especially since my mother in law was the type to not let a baby cry even for one second.  How did she manage to keep her from crying without nursing her?

I confronted my husband with this and he told me I was crazy.

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