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Age Gracefully – not Pathetically

Before I continue to post, I want to make a very clear statement that I have respect for Madonna and all the hard work that she has invested into so many things that have given us pleasure throughout the years.  She is a fantastic performer, intelligent and beautiful as well as a strong and effective peace activist due to her celebrity.  This post is not a bash at Madonna.  I would not dare to do that….but I do want to point out some important things to remember to some of us MILFs out there who think we want to be like her.

Madonna is a household name.  Every one on the planet knows who she is.  Even if you don’t speak English you know the words to “Like a Virgin”.  She has some tough roads to follow – in fact they are her own roads and it can’t be easy trying to appeal to billions of people the same as you did 30 years ago.

With that being said….I want to remind all of us middle aged ladies that we (most likely) don’t have a team of people who work on a different part of our appearance to make us look perfect – every day.  Yes, she did earn it, but what I am saying is something far different than that.  I am saying that the requirement to look 20 years old when you are 53 is probably not always so desirable.  The fact that Madonna CAN NEVER have a bad hair day because it will be everywhere and then some, probably isn’t appreciated when she just wants to be left alone (like all human beings want and NEED sometimes).

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