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How Important is Being Thin?

At one point in my life…..this was the most important thing to me.

I hate to admit it, but its true.   I wanted to be skinny so bad that my entire life revolved around it.  In fact, I married a guy who felt the same way…..that being skinny was kind of like a testament to being in control of yourself and if you aren’t in control of yourself………what kind of person are you?…..

The sad part is that I was NEVER thin!  When my first husband married me I had lost a significant amount of weight by going to the gym like an army sergeant, but I was still not “thin”.  I always had (and obviously always will have) big breasts and a big ass.  At my lightest (and this is after avoiding fat and going to the gym 5 days a week, 2 hours a day) I was 5’4, 137 lbs.

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8 Year Old Put into Foster Care for Being Overweight

If you don’t know about this story, please click on the link below to read the whole story….

8 Year Old Put into Foster Care for Being Overweight

What a touchy situation.  I get it.  We have to take care of our children which includes making sure that the environment does not pose health risks.

My question is this. How is a parent supposed to unbiasedly decide which health risk is worse, being overweight – or – living with low self-esteem your entire life?

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Jealous or….. Just Uninterested?

Have you ever come across a situation where you don’t know how to respond because if you say what is on your mind in order to preserve the friendship, you may appear like you are “jealous”, but if you don’t say anything than you will not be able to stand being with that person for much longer?

I have had been put in this situation with someone who I, at one time of my life, considered a good friend.   I have made the decision to disconnect from this person permanently – because I decided that a “friend” who thinks that I am “jealous” of them – or – even worse, wants me to be jealous of them,  is not worth being friends with…if that’s what you call the relationship.

You know…the kind of friend that pretends like she would never date your boyfriend, but tries to catch his eyes when your not looking.

The kind of friend that spurts bullshit about themselves to appear more accomplished than they are.

The kind of friend that doesn’t stop talking about how guys (even though they are dating someone) can’t stop telling them how “hot” they are.

The kind of friend that comes to your house for coffee in high heels and full makeup while your sitting there in sweats – and they know that’s how you dress regularly.

The kind of friend that doesn’t like to mix friends for some unknown reason, but you know its because its too hard for them to keep which bullshit they tell which person straight.

The kind of friend that says they lost weight to make you mad…yes, this friend that I am talking about told me that.

What do you say to a friend like this that will make them understand that their behavior is not funny, cute or even tolerable   – without appearing like you are jealous of them?

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Bachelor Parties – What a Funny Way to Start a Marriage

I was watching this show the other day, I think it was called “Stag”, and the premise is that a couple decides to allow cameras into the groom’s bachelor party and then they both watch what happened there.  Keep in mind that the bride agrees that the groom can have a bachelor party to begin with.

My problem with this scenario is not the fact that the bride agreed to allow her groom to have a bachelor party or that they both agreed to taping it, or that they both agreed to air this on television.  My problem is the reaction of the bride to what the groom did at his bachelor party.  She was suprised that he was having so much fun!?!?

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Why Do Women Wear Heals?

Saturday night was New Year’ Eve and my husband and I went to the village for a night out.  Generally, when we go out I don’t get “dressed up” because a) I would rather be comfortable and b) I don’t have anything to wear because I never buy anything but comfortable clothing.  But…Saturday night I decided I was going to be 25 again and get “dressed up”.

I bought myself a pair of really nice boots with 4-5 inch heels.  I got a cute short dress to go with the boots, did my hair and took a few shots of grey goose and was ready to paint the town red.

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Reality Television – My Guilty Pleasure

Everybody likes to kick back and enjoy a little guilty pleasure once in a while.  My guilty pleasure is ice cream and….da,da,da daaaah…. Reality Television.

I cannot deny I am a Reality TV junkie.  I really get into it.  My husband laughs at me and I suspect he secretly thinks I just fake the spiritual thing and I’m really just a nitwit (just kidding – he knows I’m really a nitwit..:))

But, in my defense, there is something that I actually get out of watching all of my favorite reality shows…. Read the rest of this entry »


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Is This Ok?

This is a topic that is close to my heart.  I have two daughters and my older one recently lost a lot of weight and my younger one is still a little chubby…. What does a mother do about this?  Paul M. Kramer, apparently has the answer in a book call Maggie Goes on a Diet.

What’s your opinion?….

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