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Donatella Doesn’t Need Your Charity

The Oscars aired on Sunday night…..It is now Tuesday and the NYC Daily News is STILL talking about red carpet fashion does and don’ts……..ON THE FRONT PAGE!

I realize that the Daily News is just trying to sell their newspaper……and this is what sells……but, doesn’t anyone realize that there may be more important things to talk about in the world?

Does it not seem logical that by focusing all of our attention, money and intellectual devotion to fashion, we are allowing everything else around us to crumble to pieces…….because we don’t care enough about it to even think about it?

I was watching the red carpet just for the humor of watching grown people discuss whether or not this ruffle or that neckline was worthy of admiration.

I also enjoyed watching the celebrities stop and turn from side to side to make sure the photographer get their best angle in the 50,000 pictures that were being taken of them.

My favorite part was watching the very well practiced facial expressions produced by each of the celebrities, which they have officially deemed to be the most flattering in pictures.

I couldn’t help being reminded of the movie Zoolander and Ben Stiller’s version of the “Magnum”………

After about 15 minutes of getting my kicks, I had to turn it off…….because I couldn’t help thinking that this gross display of artificiality is just plain ridiculous.

And our nation’s obsession with it, is even more ridiculous.

Why do we waste our brain cells on what Michelle Williams was wearing on Sunday night?   Has anyone ever heard the expression …..”if you don’t use it, you lose it”..?

And……the fact that we all humor it by talking about it every once in a while isn’t really the crime……

The crime is that multiple billions of dollars (22 to be exact in the US alone) is invested into the value of fashion every year!……

……and fashion has no value!!!!

Everyone who is “fashionable” knows that you can’t wear a dress twice…..what kind of value is that?

Meanwhile, …….people are dying all over the world from poverty that, according to Vision of, would only cost $175,000,000,000 to eliminate completely.

In other words, if America were to become fashion free for only eight years……we could end world hunger!!!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen…..if you can just resist feeding into Hollywood brainwash and NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO STUFF THAT DOES NO ONE ANY GOOD (except for the designers)……you can contribute to the end of world hunger!!!!

Sounds like a great solution to me…

Don’t give your money to anyone……..and instead……STOP GIVING YOUR MONEY  to the manufacturers of bullshit!

Do you really need that $1500 handbag more than this kid needs rice?

I know that couture dress is the bomb, but does that one awesome night out just to show it off justify this?

OK….so world hunger isn’t your problem…..

But…… lining the pockets of Donatella Versace is?

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Multitasking…a Woman’s Road to Hell

Why do we do it?

Why do we feel the need to be perfect?

Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect make up, perfect career, perfect clothes, perfect home, perfect children, perfect life……..

And…since there aren’t enough hours in one day to do everything perfectly – we multitask.

We talk business during our yoga class. .  We keep up with  the latest fashion trends at work…..We take care of errands on our lunch break…..We clean the house and cook dinner while trying to pay attention to our children…..And we sleep while our husbands are waiting for us to tell them it is a good night to be intimate.

Why do we do this?  Who are we doing everything for?

If you are single and you have a great career that affords you the luxury of pampering yourself – great!!…..But… do you expect to add a husband and children into the mix…..unless you give part of that lifestyle up?

Some of you say its no problem….I can do it all.  I am woman.  Hear me roar.

But I want you to be honest with yourself…..we all have to do it at some point in our life…..can anyone really do it ALL – and not fail at something?

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I Don’t Believe in “Sins”, But Wasting Food is a Sin

I try very hard not to judge others…..but when it comes to waste, I can’t help having somewhat of a negative opinion about those that are so flagrantly wasteful.

When I see Reality Shows like the one I saw recently…..I think it was called Chef Roble & Co. (Bravo)…I have to wonder what people are thinking….

Here’s a clip found from a website called : Doggie Wedding @ Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder

This is what was on the doggie’s menu at their wedding:

  • Appetizer:  Hudson Valley Duck Meatballs (Duck Breast, Carrots)
  • Entree:  Prime Steak Flank and Eggs (Grass Fed Beef, Watercress)
  • Dessert:  Peanute Butter Wedding Cake and Ice Cream

Total cost for 30 people and 15 dogs: $25,000

This is just the epitome of waste.  Whenever I watch my favorite, the Housewives, and others like the Kardashians, I can’t help but wonder what pleasure these people get from spending millions and millions of dollars on things that last for only one night (Kim Kardashian’s mega ridiculous wedding for example).

And…..when they travel to different parts of the world….how do they feel when they see unbelievable poverty…poverty that could be significantly helped for the price of ONE of their cars.

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When What You Look Like Defines You

I get a lot of feedback on posts about looks and weight issues so I am going to add another to the many that I have already (see below for the links).

First of all, I want to start with saying that there is nowhere that you will ever be able to quote me saying that I think that looks don’t matter.  They do matter if not for the mere fact that you want the person you are with to be attracted to you.

But…….that doesn’t mean that cookie cutter looks matter.

Why are we so consumed with spending so much time, energy and money when it comes to altering our image to suit what television, movies, magazines and advertising tell us that we should look like.

Doesn’t it occur to anyone they are all in on the joke……and the joke is that they are making money on our insecurities!!!!

Yes….that’s right.  By spending so much time, energy and money on our attempt to look like Angelina Jolie, we are feeding into exactly what the people making our money want us to!!

Even worse is when we decide that what we look like defines us.  In other words, when we have no confidence in anything besides our looks and we invest everything we have into looking like everyone else…….Guess what?   You look like everyone else! (except maybe you have dark hair instead of blond hair?!?)

And….guest what else?  If you are defined by your looks, your definition is that you are not special………you are just like everyone else!!!!

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Let Me Introduce You to the “Flow”

My brother sent me an article this morning that was fascinating, and, in my opinion, a little scary.

Scientists have apparently been able to identify the area in the brain the an elusive mental state known as “flow” originates.

“Flow” is  that feeling of effortless concentration that characterizes outstanding performance in all kinds of skills. Flow has been maddeningly difficult to pin down, let alone harness, but a wealth of new technologies could soon allow us all to conjure up this state. The plan is to provide a short cut to virtuosity, slashing the amount of time it takes to master a new skill – be it tennis, playing the piano or marksmanship.

Please read the rest of this article…..”Zap Your Brain into the Zone….Fast Track to Pure Focus

Here are my concerns…..

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Age Gracefully – not Pathetically

Before I continue to post, I want to make a very clear statement that I have respect for Madonna and all the hard work that she has invested into so many things that have given us pleasure throughout the years.  She is a fantastic performer, intelligent and beautiful as well as a strong and effective peace activist due to her celebrity.  This post is not a bash at Madonna.  I would not dare to do that….but I do want to point out some important things to remember to some of us MILFs out there who think we want to be like her.

Madonna is a household name.  Every one on the planet knows who she is.  Even if you don’t speak English you know the words to “Like a Virgin”.  She has some tough roads to follow – in fact they are her own roads and it can’t be easy trying to appeal to billions of people the same as you did 30 years ago.

With that being said….I want to remind all of us middle aged ladies that we (most likely) don’t have a team of people who work on a different part of our appearance to make us look perfect – every day.  Yes, she did earn it, but what I am saying is something far different than that.  I am saying that the requirement to look 20 years old when you are 53 is probably not always so desirable.  The fact that Madonna CAN NEVER have a bad hair day because it will be everywhere and then some, probably isn’t appreciated when she just wants to be left alone (like all human beings want and NEED sometimes).

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Anti-Obesity Ads Foster Shame

The weight subject is getting out of hand.   I know Michelle Obama likes to work out twice a day to get those arms to look the way they do….but not everybody is wired that way.

I don’t know about all of you, but if someone insists on reminding me about all of my flaws, I tend to (or at least I used to) focus on them as well.

Why do we insist on focusing on flaws – especially in our children?!?

I read this article today that really upset me.  We claim to want to deal with the bully problem in schools and at the same time put ads up like this one?

Does anyone out there think that this OK and will effectively shame our kids into losing weight?

Shame does not work.  Support and encouragement is the best medicine.  And sometimes….we might have to ignore the flaw and focus on the diamond.

I know families that are super fitness oriented and somehow they have one chubby kid in the mix.  Do you think reminding this kid daily that they are chubbier than the rest is going to help the situation?

And……who says that being as thin as possible is what we want our kids to achieve?  Why aren’t we focusing on brain and mind development?  Is that even important anymore – or is the only thing that matters is what we look like?

Did it occur to anyone that we all die one day and our bodies get buried 6 feet under – but our minds are filled with energy that never dies?!?

Instead of focusing on what is wrong with our children, let’s find something they can be proud of and maybe they will focus on that instead.

Divert their attention…..maybe that will work……Have we tried it yet?

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Why is Life Unfair?

Life is full of controversy so here is a thought to live by:
Why is life unfair?
Because there’s never going to be a system that is fair to everyone.
Shannon Miller

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