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Multitasking…a Woman’s Road to Hell

Why do we do it?

Why do we feel the need to be perfect?

Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect make up, perfect career, perfect clothes, perfect home, perfect children, perfect life……..

And…since there aren’t enough hours in one day to do everything perfectly – we multitask.

We talk business during our yoga class. .  We keep up with  the latest fashion trends at work…..We take care of errands on our lunch break…..We clean the house and cook dinner while trying to pay attention to our children…..And we sleep while our husbands are waiting for us to tell them it is a good night to be intimate.

Why do we do this?  Who are we doing everything for?

If you are single and you have a great career that affords you the luxury of pampering yourself – great!!…..But… do you expect to add a husband and children into the mix…..unless you give part of that lifestyle up?

Some of you say its no problem….I can do it all.  I am woman.  Hear me roar.

But I want you to be honest with yourself…..we all have to do it at some point in our life…..can anyone really do it ALL – and not fail at something?

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I Don’t Believe in “Sins”, But Wasting Food is a Sin

I try very hard not to judge others…..but when it comes to waste, I can’t help having somewhat of a negative opinion about those that are so flagrantly wasteful.

When I see Reality Shows like the one I saw recently…..I think it was called Chef Roble & Co. (Bravo)…I have to wonder what people are thinking….

Here’s a clip found from a website called : Doggie Wedding @ Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder

This is what was on the doggie’s menu at their wedding:

  • Appetizer:  Hudson Valley Duck Meatballs (Duck Breast, Carrots)
  • Entree:  Prime Steak Flank and Eggs (Grass Fed Beef, Watercress)
  • Dessert:  Peanute Butter Wedding Cake and Ice Cream

Total cost for 30 people and 15 dogs: $25,000

This is just the epitome of waste.  Whenever I watch my favorite, the Housewives, and others like the Kardashians, I can’t help but wonder what pleasure these people get from spending millions and millions of dollars on things that last for only one night (Kim Kardashian’s mega ridiculous wedding for example).

And…..when they travel to different parts of the world….how do they feel when they see unbelievable poverty…poverty that could be significantly helped for the price of ONE of their cars.

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Employer and Employee vs. Master and Slave – When Is The Line Crossed?

I was watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta last night and there is some controversy over Kim Zolciak’s relationship with her “personal assistant” Sweetie.  Kim is white and Sweetie is black so it makes the whole story a little more controversial.

Kim tends to holler for Sweetie every time she needs something.  If Kim is getting sick of doing anything or needs anything thing done, you will hear her yell “Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” from under her covers in her bedroom until Sweetie comes to her majesty’s assistance.

Now according to Sweetie, Kim is paying her to do be her “personal assistant”.  According to the other housewives, they are embarrassed by the relationship between Kim and Sweetie, because as black women they are not comfortable with the way Sweetie is being treated.

Here is a clip of a fight that ensued over the controversy:

Kim and Nene Fight on Tour Bus

This topic is something I have very strong opinions about and not everyone agrees with my opinions.

I feel that the line is crossed the minute that the employer is intentionally disrespectful to their employee.   The reason I feel this way is because everyone knows, especially our bosses, that employees need their job…and to feel comfortable enough to intentionally disrespect someone you pay money to sends a message (in my opinion) saying …. “I pay you to take my shit and if you want to keep your job, shut up and deal with it”.

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What Guys Need to Understand About Women

When I can, I try to make my husband watch my favorite show – The Housewives (all of them) on Bravo.

I can’t help being intrigued by the way these gorgeous, wealthy and intelligent women try to maintain total control of themselves but at the same time not realizing that they are displaying some real ugly sides to the entire nation – and they will have to answer to their behavior at the end of the season.

Last night was the reunion of the Beverly Hills Housewives and there was some real juicy human moments that I had the opportunity to share with my husband.

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And The Truth Will Set You Free…

This statement is so true, yet so vague.

Telling the truth to some people is what they are doing when they insult people.  Telling the truth to some people is what they are doing when they need to make a quick dollar and they convince others (including themselves) that what they are selling is vital to a person’s happiness in life.  Telling the truth to some people is what they are doing when they claim they are happy working 3 jobs in order to take care of everyone else and never taking care of themselves.

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Reality Television – My Guilty Pleasure

Everybody likes to kick back and enjoy a little guilty pleasure once in a while.  My guilty pleasure is ice cream and….da,da,da daaaah…. Reality Television.

I cannot deny I am a Reality TV junkie.  I really get into it.  My husband laughs at me and I suspect he secretly thinks I just fake the spiritual thing and I’m really just a nitwit (just kidding – he knows I’m really a nitwit..:))

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What is a “Good” Mother?

I was just watching the Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight and was actually moved for the first time by one of the Housewives. Kim, Kyle Richards’ sister, was very emotionally affected by a situation that hit home personally with me. Apparently, Kim has been dating a man for nearly an entire year before introducing him to her family (and the general public). When she finally did introduce him to her sister and children, he did not receive the warmest welcome. Kyle was automatically against Kim deciding that this was the man for her based on Kim’s history of picking the wrong guy. Her children also were giving her problems because she was – according to them – not as available as she usually is for them. Assuming all of this is true (it is TV afterall), what is a girl to do?

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