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Trust vs. Faith

I wanted to talk about this because I feel that sometimes we get confused about the difference between these two words.

You cannot have faith in something unless you trust it first.

We can learn a lot from the story about the Manna, an edible substance that God provided for the Israelites during their travels in the desert according to the Bible. (Book of Exodus)

The Israelites were instructed by Moses not to save their daily portions of Manna (except for the double portion that fell before the Sabbath) because it would rot and become inedible.

Believe it or not, despite the fact that the Israelites must have witnessed incredible miracles throughout their exile from Egypt, some of them still did not listen to Moses’ instruction and tried to save the Manna for the next day.

These Israelites clearly did not trust that the Manna was going to fall and, therefore, suffered from fear – which is lack of faith.

They feared that they would not have food the next day and they possible did what most of us nowadays do…tossed and turned all night worrying about not doing the right thing, but at the same time not trusting that there will be enough tomorrow.

If we trust in somebody (or something), we can relinquish the fear of not being able to trust and we can submit to faith.

Faith allows us to move along life without carrying the burden of fear and discontent.

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Experience Leads to Evolution

According to my own version of reality – or the universe I live within (see “Living in a Parallel Universe“), I believe that all humans are on a path of evolution to higher beings.

Before we evolve, we have to put together the pieces to our own unique puzzle using the tool called “perspective,” given to us from the Life Force of the Universe (God).  We don’t always know what pieces each of us are missing that would allow us to evolve to higher beings that can live together symbiotically, but our job is to figure it out, preferably in this lifetime.

Our experiences influence our perspective.

If our perspective is skewed according to what others tell us it should be – without direct experience of the what it could be…..we are depriving ourselves of the opportunity to evolve.

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I Stand at the Door

I found this poem in submitted by Brother Ken.  Brother Ken also has some other inspiring posts there as well as some insightful comments here.

Tears started rolling down my cheeks when I read this so I felt it belonged in my blog as well.

Note: Sam Shoemaker is one of the founding spiritual voices of Alcoholics Anonymous.

I Stand at the Door 

By Sam Shoemaker (from the Oxford Group)

I stand by the door.
I neither go too far in, nor stay too far out.
The door is the most important door in the world –
It is the door through which men walk when they find God.
There is no use my going way inside and staying there,
When so many are still outside and they, as much as I,
Crave to know where the door is.
And all that so many ever find
Is only the wall where the door ought to be.
They creep along the wall like blind men,
With outstretched, groping hands,
Feeling for a door, knowing there must be a door,
Yet they never find it.
So I stand by the door.

The most tremendous thing in the world
Is for men to find that door – the door to God.
The most important thing that any man can do
Is to take hold of one of those blind, groping hands
And put it on the latch – the latch that only clicks
And opens to the man’s own touch.

Men die outside the door, as starving beggars die
On cold nights in cruel cities in the dead of winter.
Die for want of what is within their grasp.
They live on the other side of it – live because they have not found it.

Nothing else matters compared to helping them find it,
And open it, and walk in, and find Him.
So I stand by the door.

Go in great saints; go all the way in –
Go way down into the cavernous cellars,
And way up into the spacious attics.
It is a vast, roomy house, this house where God is.
Go into the deepest of hidden casements,
Of withdrawal, of silence, of sainthood.
Some must inhabit those inner rooms
And know the depths and heights of God,
And call outside to the rest of us how wonderful it is.
Sometimes I take a deeper look in.
Sometimes venture in a little farther,
But my place seems closer to the opening.
So I stand by the door.

There is another reason why I stand there.
Some people get part way in and become afraid
Lest God and the zeal of His house devour them;
For God is so very great and asks all of us.
And these people feel a cosmic claustrophobia
And want to get out. ‘Let me out!’ they cry.
And the people way inside only terrify them more.
Somebody must be by the door to tell them that they are spoiled.
For the old life, they have seen too much:
One taste of God and nothing but God will do any more.
Somebody must be watching for the frightened
Who seek to sneak out just where they came in,
To tell them how much better it is inside.
The people too far in do not see how near these are
To leaving – preoccupied with the wonder of it all.
Somebody must watch for those who have entered the door
But would like to run away. So for them too,
I stand by the door.

I admire the people who go way in.
But I wish they would not forget how it was
Before they got in. Then they would be able to help
The people who have not yet even found the door.
Or the people who want to run away again from God.
You can go in too deeply and stay in too long
And forget the people outside the door.
As for me, I shall take my old accustomed place,
Near enough to God to hear Him and know He is there,
But not so far from men as not to hear them,
And remember they are there too.

Where? Outside the door –
Thousands of them. Millions of them.
But – more important for me –
One of them, two of them, ten of them.
Whose hands I am intended to put on the latch.
So I shall stand by the door and wait
For those who seek it.

‘I had rather be a door-keeper
So I stand by the door.

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Life is full of controversy so here is a thought to live by:
Why is life unfair?
Because there’s never going to be a system that is fair to everyone.
Shannon Miller

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The Root of All Religions – The Awe of Creation

Before I begin, I want to insist that nothing I am writing is with bad thought.   I realize that religion is a very touchy subject and some may get offended from my statements, but I do not mean to offend.   But- the time has come to put everything on the table.   We cannot just tiptoe around important issues that that are impacting the world in ways that may not be understood until it is too late.   Anger is brewing all over and religion as well as social class (which, in my opinion, are directly related) is at the top of the beef list.

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What is a “Good” Jew?

NOTE: Since I am Jewish, I can only talk about my religion. My knowledge is far more limited when it comes to other religions so I am not able have an opinion regarding this question in relation to any religion but Judaism, but if you happen to be of the persuasion of a different religion, please feel free to comment or even author your own post(s) on this subject.

According the website a “good Jew” is “a person chosen by G-d for a specific mission: to make this world holy, good, and G-dly. The Jew has very specific divine instructions on how to carry out this mission. Those instructions are found in the Torah and have been explained by the Jewish Sages throughout the ages. A “good Jew,” thus, is someone who is doing his utmost to follow those instructions in order to fulfill his G-d-given mission.

I agree with this definition of a “good Jew”. But I contend that the specific set of instructions that are found in the Torah are either not so clear – or we are not following those set of instructions.

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Man & Woman – Friend or Foe?

Most people have experienced what it is like to “love” someone and then a few years later (sometimes even a few days later) hate that same person’s guts. How does this happen? How can we be so enamored with someone one day and want to inflict physical harm on them the next. Why does this phenomenon seem to limited to relationships between the opposite sex? I say this because we usually don’t have passionate love for someone of the same sex (assuming we are heterosexual – see note above).

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What is Our Purpose?

This question is definately a loaded question.  First, before we can even ask the question, we have to be able to solidly conclude that we actually have a purpose.  Coming to this conclusion is like climbing up a very, very high mountain -not so fun and quite tiring and we may even lose hope, confidence and motivation that we may ever reach the top.  If we can persevere against all of these odds, we will eventually reach the top of the mountain.  So too – once we finally can KNOW that there even is a certain purpose (or goal) that we are trying to reach during our lives – that is when we have reached the top of the mountain of life,

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