Easy Money – Chapter 4

29 Feb

Every once in a while, I am going to post a chapter from a publication that the Breslov community in Brooklyn puts out which is based on the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.  I will add my two cents on the bottom of the post and those of you who have a few more cents to add….please feel free.

Even though Rabbi Nachman was a Hasid, his teachings are applicable and potentially valuable to all of humanity

Visit my post “The Unique Teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov” for a little introduction to who Rabbi Nachman is and why he is special.

Here are links to the first two chapters:

Easy Money – Chapter 4

Do you feel as if economic considerations govern your life?  Do you feel lacking in other areas of your life, because your neurotically driven by an incessant desire for more money?  to acquire true freedom from fears of economic insecurity and to have material wealthy just naturally gravitate towards you, you must take the plunge towards total reliance on G-d.

Begin by initiating dialogue with G-d, outlining in painstaking detail your struggle to cope with economic hardship and financial setback.  Naturally, your initial attempts at communicated will seem awkward and stiff, as you become increasingly aware of how estranged you’ve become from G-d, as well as how self-conscious and ashamed you are about your poverty.

Pangs of guilt aver your neglectful and indiscreet past, which left your heart spiritually dull, will haunt you and further stymie your untrained tongue, as latent feelings struggle for expression.

Doubts and skepticism will insinuate themselves into your mind, daring you to believe that the words you mouth make any difference to G-d or are of any use.

Nonetheless, you must defy the chorus of self doubts and with a fierce determination, persuade G-d to melt down those mental barriers and allow awareness in.  Success will bring you remarkable insight and a secure feeling of being under G-d’s custodial care, where financial worry is non-existent.

In order for your heart to perceive what your mind only comprehends, however, you must maintain this regular practice of speaking to G-d.  Those with enough intellectual honesty will recognize the value of speaking plainly to G-d, without pretense or artifice.

They will enjoy the benefits of G-d’s support, even while the rest of the world is crushed by inflation.


My comments:

This chapter is clearly about the effectiveness of prayer.  One of the points that this chapter highlights is the fact that talking to G-d can feel awkward and futile.

Does G-d really listen to our silly prayers?   Is there really a “G-d” to talk to?  Won’t he be angry at me for all of the bad things I have done?

We all question….whether we do it in the back of our minds or out loud.

Those questions are the ones that need to be asked to an invisible Life Force that most of us call G-d.

Yes, it may feel funny opening up these lines of communication in the beginning……but after a while… feels right.

You will feel like you always have somewhere to turn and express how you feel without being judged.

And you will feel this way because if you work hard to maintain that connection to your Life Force, you will find that answers to questions that you never thought could be answered will come to you……whether it be in the form of signs, symbols or thoughts.

Don’t just try once and if you don’t see results stop and claim there is no such thing as G-d  – or your Life Source.  How quickly would you give a new employee a access to company perks and company secrets if he just started a week ago and barely went out of his way to do anything to show you what a good and devoted employee he actually is?

Because we were given free will by our Life Force, being trustworthy and devoted is not a given…….We must use the power of our Free Will to decide that we will show ourselves to be trustworthy and devoted…….and only then can we realize the benefits of these to traits reflecting back to ourselves.

Instant gratification does not bring happiness.

Understanding what balance is and having faith that the world that we live in is balanced, and therefore, always the way it should be…….. will bring peace to your mind and soul…..

Peace of mind and soul is true eternal happiness……and it does not cost one red cent.

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