Easy Money – Chapter II

23 Feb

Every once in a while, I am going to post a chapter from a publication that the Breslov community in Brooklyn puts out which is based on the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.  I will add my two cents on the bottom of the post and those of you who have a few more cents to add….please feel free.

Even though Rabbi Nachman was a Hasid, his teachings are applicable and potentially valuable to all of humanity

Visit my post “The Unique Teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov” for a little introduction to who Rabbi Nachman is and why he is special.

Easy Money – Chapter II

Despite the prevailing notion that there is no place for virtue in the competitive world of business, still making a good living means making an honest living!  For success of any lasting value has to be legitimately gained, and not acquired at the cost of your beliefs and ideals.

Guided by a strong sense of moral conviction and definite purpose, the ethical businessman is never steered off course by the lure of ill-gotten gain.  Even at the risk of initial profit loss, he defends his word, ever mindful of G-d’s watchful eye, for his faith is uncompromising, and his reputation in business sterling.  He bides his time, all the while earning the admiration and steady patronage of fellow business associates, for eventually he knows his patience and honesty will payoff in handsome return.

The opportunist, on the other hand, is motivated only by greed.  Without conscience, he twists and bends the truth to meet popular demand, and conforms his standards to flatter even the lowest tastes.  In the name of getting ahead, he aims to please, only to rudely discover that despite all his underhandedness, conniving and manipulation, success tragically eludes him, while at the same time he’s scorned by the business community.

The doors of economic opportunity will open wide, allowing you to live a nice comfortable life, if you preserve your integrity and shun deceit.

My comments:

There is a very good reason that I have decided to post these little excerpts from these Breslov publications.  Instead of emphasizing the Jewish obligation to keep the Mitzvot (Biblical commandments), the followers of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov choose to emphasize how the Mitzvot include honesty and integrity…….. and without these two aspects of self….keeping the Mitzvot is the same is running laps all day and not losing weight.

This is to all my Orthodox Jewish brothers and sisters out there that forget that Mitzvot include how we conduct ourselves in business.

Yes, there are many others who are not honest when it comes to business…and these words hopefully will mean something to you as well….but, words from a great Rabbi should mean the most to those that know who that Rabbi is and already have deep respect for him.

We must realize that yes, sometimes in business, it is required to “embellish” what it is we are marketing in order to stay ahead of the competition – because there is just so much of it out there……….However, at the same time we must always remember that Hashem (G-d) is watching over us and wants the best for us and by “embellishing” in order to increase business, we are essentially telling Hashem that His services aren’t necessary…we can increase business all by ourselves.

As an Orthodox Jew, do you think that this is considered true Emunah (Faith)?

Didn’t Rabbi Hillel tell someone standing on one foot that the entire basis of the Torah (Bible) can be understood in the sentence “Do unto others as you would have them do to you:” and that the rest of the Torah was commentary.

Would you like to do business with someone who “embellishes” how honest his business really is?

The economy is not in a good state right now and more than ever people all over are doing whatever is necessary to get money……

Why not take heed of Rabbi Nachman’s wise advice and see for ourselves that we don’t need to do whatever is necessary to get money because Hashem (The Life Force of the Universe) will be there for us in the worst of times as long as we stand strong and choose to preserve our integrity and shun deceit.

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