Multitasking…a Woman’s Road to Hell

21 Feb

Why do we do it?

Why do we feel the need to be perfect?

Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect make up, perfect career, perfect clothes, perfect home, perfect children, perfect life……..

And…since there aren’t enough hours in one day to do everything perfectly – we multitask.

We talk business during our yoga class. .  We keep up with  the latest fashion trends at work…..We take care of errands on our lunch break…..We clean the house and cook dinner while trying to pay attention to our children…..And we sleep while our husbands are waiting for us to tell them it is a good night to be intimate.

Why do we do this?  Who are we doing everything for?

If you are single and you have a great career that affords you the luxury of pampering yourself – great!!…..But… do you expect to add a husband and children into the mix…..unless you give part of that lifestyle up?

Some of you say its no problem….I can do it all.  I am woman.  Hear me roar.

But I want you to be honest with yourself…..we all have to do it at some point in our life…..can anyone really do it ALL – and not fail at something?

A spin off of the Housewives of New York, Bethenny Ever After (Bravo Reality Program) aired the 1st show of the season last night.  Even if you have never watched any of the Housewives series, Bethenny Frankel has made a name for herself with her low calorie cocktail line – The Skinny Margarita – which can be found on the shelves of every liquor store in the world.  I believe that her company was bought for well over $100,000,000 dollars

Besides her margarita empire, she is a trained chef, has been on Dancing with the Stars, has been on the cover of Forbes Magazine (see above), is the only housewife from Bravo’s Housewives to have her own shoot off, is in perfect shape, looks amazing for her age, is bright, is funny, is extremely likable, is scheduled to have her own daytime talk show on network television, is married with a baby and can pretty much juggle everything.

Except for one thing.

Sex with her husband.  (You can read more here: Bethenny Frankel Doesn’t Have Sex With Her Husband)

This is the one thing she cannot handle.  In fact, last night’s episode had a scene where her husband, Jason, was negotiating sex into her routine and Bethenny reluctantly agreed to attempting to commit to two nights a week.

I am not deciding which path a person should take, nor am I deciding that Bethenny Frankel should make it her business to have sex with her husband….but what I am suggesting is that if you want to have it all and be perfect at it – like Bethenny (and many, many more women out there)… will have to part with something and accept that it may not be as perfect as you want it to be…..

……and if you are not careful about which part of your life you allow to fail….you may one day regret your decision.

If you choose to remain single and live it up without a man – you go girl!  More power to you – as long as you are content with your choice.

If you choose to get married and have children and keep the busy, time consuming career that requires you to look perfect as well (which we all know takes time)….something is gonna have to give.

You will have to ask yourselves at some point……who are you doing all this for?  There is just not enough hours in the day to do everything so you will eventually have to prioritize.

One more thing……just to clarify the title of my post…..

Last night, Bethenny basically bared her soul and admitted that relationships are always a problem for her and she doesn’t know what she should do about it.  The focus of the entire episode was how her relationship with Jason, whom she was at one point (last year) head over heels in love with, seems to be suffering due to the hustle and bustle of her spectacularly busy life…..and despite Bethenny’s extraordinary success in life…..

…….she didn’t seem too happy about it.

P.S.  Here are two other links to other great articles about multitasking that actually motivated me into writing this post:

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2 responses to “Multitasking…a Woman’s Road to Hell

  1. Cheryl Baumgartner

    February 22, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    I think this is another area in which women have been brainwashed. Women seem to want to be women and be men. It’s a conflicting message, girls are being raised to challenge men in the workforce and you always get that ‘you have to be better than a man to be treated equally’ line but we still have that wife/mother role we are also expected to fill. And God help the woman who wanted to be a housewife since there is this implication that she is failing the ‘sisterhood’ by not being Superwoman.

    • Peaceful Controversy

      February 22, 2012 at 5:20 pm

      This is what I am seeing everywhere. I also get the impression that, though women have come a long way in the last 100 years, we are taking it a little too far with the “I am better than man” routine. The world exists due to both genders and one gender is not “better” or more capable than the other. We need to balance the roles of each gender and create a symbiotic relationship between them. I see it like scales that are trying to even out but we have put a little more weight on the female side this time and it is time to take a little off. As you say, women cannot take on all roles. That is just too much for us to live up to.


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