17 Feb

This post is just another perspective of how it feels to be on the other side of the hypocrisy that religion very frequently has to offer.
Judging others is not a “religious” thing to do… if you truly fear God, you will be very careful before deciding what God’s creations are supposed to do – on behalf of God.

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Once again I’m marveling to myself at the accusation that I am not a Christian.  I suppose I would have have been tortured to death for being a heretic during The Inquisition, because I do not believe in any particular Christian sect’s dogma.  It doesn’t matter what sect we are talking about because  somewhere along the line my beliefs conflict with the accepted dogma, because I don’t believe that being a leader of a church gives someone an automatic place on God’s speed dial.

Access to God is not restricted, but open to all whether they be a part of your church or not.

I look around me at the religious leaders who claim to be men of God, but when you get down to it it is not God they present to the world but their ‘ministry’.   How many churches today have massive cathedrals as a tribute to God…

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