Easy Money, Chapter 1

14 Feb

Everyday, I am going to post a chapter from a publication that the Breslov community in Brooklyn puts out which is based on the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.  I will add my two cents on the bottom of the post and those of you who have a few more cents to add….please feel free.

Even though Rabbi Nachman was a Hasid, his teachings are applicable and potentially valuable to all of humanity

Visit my post “The Unique Teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov” for a little introduction to who Rabbi Nachman is and why he is special.

Easy Money, Chapter 1

“The ability to earn a good living, comfortably is determined by a person’s awareness of G-d.  Those who fail to recognize G-d’s decisive role in their destiny, including the realm of finances, senselessly overwork themselves, always in strenuous pursuit of another buck.

But when you feel a pervasive sense of G-d’s presence in your life, then you casually assume a relaxed attitude towards earning your livelihood.  You will attend leisurely to your business, confident in G-d’s generosity to provide, as He does universally for every creature lart or small.

When you’ve identified in your mind that it is solely G-d who determines a person’s financial status, irrespective of human device, then you’ll realize how needless it is to overly strain yourself to eke out a living, for aren’t there an infinite variety of ways that G-d can furnish Man with support?

G-d will shoulder your financial burden and you will never be lacking at His philanthropic hand, if you would just accept the reality of your utter reliance on Him for everything.”

My commentary:

I realize that what this is saying is that G-d will provide.  I also realize that this is a hard concept to accept.  You might ask…”So, if that is the case and G-d is going to provide everything for us…why bother working at all?”

You would not be the only one asking this question.

Keeping in mind that I believe in the words above (and I live by them), I want to answer this question by saying that in order for me to live by these words, I had to devote time and energy to developing my faith.  I had to work in order to have faith in order to rely on my Creator (The Life Force of the Universe) to supply me with my needs.

I can only speak from my own experiences and if you can believe me, I am not in need of anything.  However, I do not need anything.  My needs are limited to a roof over my head, food and a computer with internet connection (since I am very committed to my blog)…..and….if I didn’t have internet connection, I would enjoy reading whatever I can get my hands on.

So, if you did ask that question, I ask you this question….

Would you rather continue investing energy into working hard at a job that doesn’t make you happy to pay for things you think you need because that is what society says you should do….or…..maybe the it pays to put that energy towards the work and thought necessary to acquire faith – even if it is only for peace of mind?

I cannot answer that question for anyone but myself…..and my answer is……..TO ME – peace of mind is much more valuable than a big house, two cars and nice furniture.

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Shannon Miller

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