Should We Continue to Pressure our Kids to go to College?

13 Feb

I know that many people will disagree with me on this subject…..but I think it is time to stop putting so much pressure on our kids to go to college.

Yes, I do realize that college has the potential to increase the opportunities that our children have in their life, presuming that they do well, but college also has the potential to destroy their lives.

Even CUNY colleges are going to rack up about a $30,000 bill by your kid graduates….and college tuition is not a money back guarantee.

If your kid does not find a job in their chosen career, they will be in the same position as everyone who didn’t go to college is in…….having to find any source of work that will pay the bills.

The only difference would be that they had to invest at least $30,000 dollars to find this out.

Of course, if your child has been studious all their lives and has had the wear-with-all, dedication and motivation to manage to get great grades, great SAT scores and also manage to have participated in a lot of social activities in high school……college would be a great option – especially since they are most likely going to get some grants and scholarships supporting their decision.

But, if your kid struggles with their homework (like most kids do) and doesn’t seem to be interested in what they are going to do in the future (like most kids aren’t)…….pressuring them to go to college will probably backfire.

And….even if your kid is the best student ever…..don’t forget that they are only 18 years old with very little life experience and most likely they will change over the course of their lifetime…….and despite their good grades and motivation…..they may end up a little disappointed at their career choice down the line…..especially if their career choice was based on what makes the most money.

Not to mention that, as we all are keenly aware of, jobs are not so easy to come by……especially the ones that everyone wants.

Oh…and let’s not forget that doctors (unless they are at the top of their field) don’t get paid nearly what they deserve because health insurance accompanied by regulations have managed to decrease physicians’ incomes across the board and have made practicing medicine more costly.

What about business school you ask?  Well, you have just increased the tuition you will have to pay by 100% (at the least) and  competition has decreased your child’s chance of finding a job that is going to pay you back for your investment – or the loan they are going to have to sell their soul for.

Twenty years ago, we might have considered following your heart and doing something artistic as a career a pipe dream……

Nowadays, unfortunately, the pipe dream seems to be the dream of getting a job after college.

So…..unless your kid is getting paid to go to college – or they want to and have proven that they can handle the commitment…….investing a whole lot of money on a pipe dream doesn’t sound like something that we would want to encourage our kids to do.

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Because there’s never going to be a system that is fair to everyone.
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If life isn’t fair, how can we motivate ourselves to live a purpose driven life?

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4 responses to “Should We Continue to Pressure our Kids to go to College?

  1. Cheryl Baumgartner

    February 13, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    In today’s job market it all comes down to having a marketable skill. I remember when I was a teenager, having a Degree was practically a guarantee of employment but today you had better be talking doctorate to guarantee employment. People with 4 year degrees are waiting tables and ringing up customers at Walmart.

    Parents need to start looking at another option, trade schools. For now the person that has learned a repair skill has a better chance finding a job in their field than the person with that ‘degree’.

    • Peaceful Controversy

      February 13, 2012 at 4:19 pm

      A friend of mine cannot find anything at all….so now he decided to learn welding just to make a living. I find it to be sad, but I guess you got to do what you got to do.

      • Cheryl Baumgartner

        February 13, 2012 at 5:53 pm

        Yes we do and we have to start understanding that the mechanic who can fix a car has a skill that is needed and one that most people don’t have. That makes the mechanic employable. It’s much easier today finding a decent job, if you have a skill that others don’t. Degrees are a dime a dozen today, marketable skills are not.

        When I was in high school, going to ‘shop’ classes (skilled trades) was an embarrassment and yet today those skilled laborers have less problems finding jobs than those who have 4 year college degrees.

      • Peaceful Controversy

        February 13, 2012 at 8:32 pm

        I agree that it is a shame that most young people want jobs in the finance and entertainment industries rather than technical and maintenance jobs – which are much more available and necessary to a thriving society….but the sad part is that many people think that they will go for the gold – end up being disappointed that there is no gold left for them and they will have to take the scraps, so they spend the rest of their lives depressed and unhappy because no one was there from the beginning to tell them that things don’t always work out the way we plan. Instead of equating “success” with how much money we make and how glorified our career is, we should equate success with how happy we are with our lives and how positively we effect the lives of others….and that is what we should be teaching our kids to prepare properly for adulthood.


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