I Don’t Believe in “Sins”, But Wasting Food is a Sin

13 Feb

I try very hard not to judge others…..but when it comes to waste, I can’t help having somewhat of a negative opinion about those that are so flagrantly wasteful.

When I see Reality Shows like the one I saw recently…..I think it was called Chef Roble & Co. (Bravo)…I have to wonder what people are thinking….

Here’s a clip found from a website called : Doggie Wedding @ Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder

This is what was on the doggie’s menu at their wedding:

  • Appetizer:  Hudson Valley Duck Meatballs (Duck Breast, Carrots)
  • Entree:  Prime Steak Flank and Eggs (Grass Fed Beef, Watercress)
  • Dessert:  Peanute Butter Wedding Cake and Ice Cream

Total cost for 30 people and 15 dogs: $25,000

This is just the epitome of waste.  Whenever I watch my favorite, the Housewives, and others like the Kardashians, I can’t help but wonder what pleasure these people get from spending millions and millions of dollars on things that last for only one night (Kim Kardashian’s mega ridiculous wedding for example).

And…..when they travel to different parts of the world….how do they feel when they see unbelievable poverty…poverty that could be significantly helped for the price of ONE of their cars.

Last night on the Housewives of Atlanta, there was a scene of the ladies visiting a very poor village in Africa.  They bought about $3000-$4000 dollars worth of food and toiletries and were crying that they really felt that they did not do enough.  Not only that, these poor kids were dancing and singing for them.   Phaedra (one of the housewives) who is not generally an emotional character on the show, couldn’t help shedding a few tears at the clear inequality of life.

Do you think they thought for one minute while they were visiting these happy kids that singing and dancing – despite the fact that they had no shoes and their clothing was ripped and they lived in huts –  that these children’s families simply had to work a little harder to get the luxuries that these ladies had the benefit of acquiring in their lifetimes?

Is that what wealthy people think when they spend millions upon millions of dollars on nonsense……….. that they earned it and why should they care what others don’t have?

I suggest that if you are very wealthy and you are thinking about throwing a $25,000 dollar party for your dogs….take half of that and visit a poor village in a 3rd world country and give the other half to that village…..

You will probably feel a lot better about yourself in the end…..and the feeling of instant gratification that you might get when wasting money on nonsense won’t be over in a couple hours.

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Life is full of controversy so here is a thought to live by:

Why is life unfair?
Because there’s never going to be a system that is fair to everyone.
Shannon Miller

If life isn’t fair, how can we motivate ourselves to live a purpose driven life?

To live a purpose driven life, you must first figure out what your purpose is.  If you think your purpose is to make a lot of money and acquire many possessions, you will end up driving your life into a wall.“‘
Shayna Abrams

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