Experience Leads to Evolution

09 Feb

According to my own version of reality – or the universe I live within (see “Living in a Parallel Universe“), I believe that all humans are on a path of evolution to higher beings.

Before we evolve, we have to put together the pieces to our own unique puzzle using the tool called “perspective,” given to us from the Life Force of the Universe (God).  We don’t always know what pieces each of us are missing that would allow us to evolve to higher beings that can live together symbiotically, but our job is to figure it out, preferably in this lifetime.

Our experiences influence our perspective.

If our perspective is skewed according to what others tell us it should be – without direct experience of the what it could be…..we are depriving ourselves of the opportunity to evolve.

If we pay close attention to our own life experiences and our feelings involved with the experience – The Life Force of the Universe (Our Creator and the energy of our mind) will guide us to those missing pieces.

I know I need to learn patience.  All of my life I have lacked this virtue, despite the fact that when I am not patient, the situation usually gets worse.  I had experienced so many things that tried my patience until finally I had no choice but to realize that there is nothing I can do about waiting.  Time doesn’t move any faster no matter how much I might want it to.  When I finally gave in to the idea that I was not in control of what happens to me, I was then able to learn that as long as I am patient, everything I need comes at the right time.  I had to strip myself of expectation and wait.  That took patience and I had no choice but to have some.

All anyone needs to know or believe is that there really is potential to reach mental and physical heights that cannot be explained but through experience.  Once you understand that experience is the only way to evolve, then you very likely will appreciate all of your experiences instead of wishing you didn’t have to have them.  If you get nothing else out of this blog, I hope that I can give you a good enough reason to allow your mind to open up and accept all of your experiences as positive learning experiences.

In the beginning, you may struggle with always trying to confirm what you already believe to be true (or what your friends and family have told you is true), but if deep down you don’t really feel confirmed, you can count on the Life Force of the Universe to point out the conflicts within you so that you may make a more honest assessment of the situation.   Everything will be made clear the more we search for answers – and experience  life through our feelings.

We must ask the questions to receive the answers.

Don’t take for granted everything you see and hear.  Use logic to allow yourself to dismiss all the things that you consider “fact” at this point in your life and reevaluate them.  Make sure there is no other perspective that may oppose what you think is “fact.”  When you finally strip the files in your brain down to what is really fact and what you just don’t know whether it is fact or not, you will have a lot more room up there to work with.

Because….most of the stuff that we were taught are facts….are really just diversions from the truth.

Open your mind and your heart.  Don’t automatically judge the situation based on your past experience and lose out on what you are experiencing at the moment.

Pay conscious attention to your experiences as they are happening and allow the truth to come to you.

When you know (mind) something to be true….you feel (heart) it to be true.

Don’t worry about failing……The Life Force of the Universe is there to guide you.

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Because there’s never going to be a system that is fair to everyone.
Shannon Miller

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