07 Feb

Competition brings a lot of emotions out of people.  Sometimes it is a good thing…..and sometimes competition can really bring out the worst in us.

We have all seen stuff like this….

The question is when and how does competition turn from good to bad….and….what can we do to avoid angry and violent competition?


If our Intention is to win and only to win…..there is a chance that we won’t win.   Now what?

You might say what other reason could a person have to compete?  I would say to you that competition is fun. It is fun to get your adrenaline pumping.  It is fun to anticipate the feeling of triumph.  It is fun to feel great about the fact that you are still a viable competitor.  It is fun to be able to hang out with friends and/or family.  It is fun to challenge yourself to do better than you think you can.  It is fun to participate in a sport.  It is fun to encourage your kids to have fun in sport…..and I’m sure there are many more fun and challenging  things about competition.

When going in to a battle of wits, talent or athletics it must be with the intention to have fun and to have fun only.  You will then be assured of reaching your goal.

What if the winner receives money and recognition?

I still maintain that if your goal is anything but having fun, you could end up disappointed.  And…if you end up disappointed to the point of sadness or anger… are going to start some trouble.

If you are so disappointed with yourself for losing that you become “depressed” and you begin to look down on yourself… have turned what should have been a fun competition into a disastrous event for yourself.

If you are so disappointed with yourself for losing that you become angry and start pointing fingers at all the people that are at fault for your loss (the everything is unfair attitude)……you have turned what should have been a fun competition into a destructive event for others, as well as yourself.

What if you are competing with someone – and you don’t even realize it?

Yes, you know what I am talking about.  What if you are always comparing yourself with people you know and your self worth relies on those comparisons?  Are you in it for the fun?  I doubt it…….so I don’t have to tell you what turn that is going to take.

Bottom line…..if you aren’t able to smile and shake the other person’s hand after a competition that you have lost…then you are competing for the wrong reasons.

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Shannon Miller

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2 responses to “Competition

  1. gird3r

    February 8, 2012 at 1:19 am

    You are in to taste my rage!

    Compentitions is mankinds way to show off how big an dick/how big boobs they got without actually doing it. Fucktardness I call it. Or the “I am the best moron on the planet” mentality.

    I don’t give an fuck if someone wins an medal. Congrats, pat on the back. Some money from the tax payers as an prize for your “huzza huzza i be best” shit.

    Waste of money, waste of braincells, waste of air. Do something which actually contributes like getting an real job instead of running around on an fucking track.

    (But you can bet my ass that those morons will never understand that the chicks they get from doing this ridicilous shit are only in it for the money and nothing else, An sympton of the avarage woman.)

    No Sugar Coating, No Hand Holding.


    • Peaceful Controversy

      February 8, 2012 at 1:54 am

      I actually agree with you – despite the anger behind your comment :)! I do think that competition generally is a way to strut your stuff so to speak and to somehow prove you are the “best” and “better than all the rest”…That is why I wanted to point out that there is a good part of competition and that is the fact that it can be fun – if you strip it of the prideful crap.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting and found your blog quite funny!


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