For Those That Think Spirituality is For Cuckoos

01 Feb

I was one of you!!!!

Until the age of 35, I would not take part in discussions about spirituality, nor did I think those that did had any intelligence.

I was an Orthodox Jew who thought in terms of black and white and wrong and right – no middle.  If you sinned – you were punished in the afterlife.  Finished. Dot. End.

The “afterlife” was what happened after I died so I did not feel it was my position to know what that meant.  What it meant to me was that we all died one day and that our sins will be counted by whoever brought us here.

No, I never believed that there was nothing else besides this world…because how could I be so sure.  Was there a message sent by someone who has proof that there is nothing else afterwards that I missed?
I have always been mathematically inclined.  I had terrible grades in school, except for my math grades – because I was able to wiz through the classes without taking notes or studying for tests.  I just understood how math works.

Math works by logic.  I am logical.  Does that mean I am “smarter” than someone who is not logically inclined? No, absolutely not.

Artists use a different part of the brain in order to be creative.  Artists most likely are not using logic to create art.  Am I smarter than an artist who is not logically attuned?  No way.  We are just using different parts of our brains to do what we were programmed to do from birth.

With that being said, I want to get back to the subject of spirituality.  Because my brain works according to logic, I am not able to simply dismiss the idea of an afterlife….but I was also not ready to simply accept that it was my place to “figure out God”.  So spirituality as a topic of conversation was off limits to me because it was not logical.  In other words, in my opinion, you had to be cuckoo to talk about stuff you know nothing and can never know anything about.

But if you read my story (About Me and What it is Like to Be “Psychotic”) you will understand why these thoughts changed and logic has since told me that spirituality – or the idea that there is another realm of reality than we see with our eyes, despite what our brains tell us –  MUST truly exist.

You may want to say (like my 16 year old daughter does) that it is all in my mind.  I will say to you – you are absolutely right.  It is all in my mind.  Now……where do those thoughts come from?

Can you answer that question?  Can science answer that question?  CAN ANYONE ANSWER THAT QUESTION?!?!

The brain you say.    Oh – so my brain just came up with thoughts that I have never thought about before while I was “psychotic” and those thoughts were able to challenge my entire old way of thinking.

In other words, my physical brain is the one thing that shoots thoughts to me – even thoughts that I have never thought before.

So, according to this logic, my brain and everybody else’s brain must be holding every single thought that there is because if it can send me arbitrary thoughts that don’t have any relevance to my thinking.

If this is true, then what are we waiting for?  What is science waiting for?  We should all be billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg.  We just have to tap into our brain and pick our thoughts – since they are in there waiting to come out!……

I have hard time accepting the brain theory as the source of my thoughts – and for many more reasons than just what I have stated above.

Accordingly, because I used my gift of logic, I had no choice, after thinking about this that our thoughts must come from somewhere other than our physical brains.

From where though?

That is where the concept of spirituality enters the picture.

My blog is dedicated to providing my readers a different perspective of everyday topics of conversations, and I attribute these perspective to the spirituality of my mind.

Can I tell you how to get in touch with your own spirituality – or the true essence of your mind?  No.  You have to do that by yourself…..

But before you can even start….you must believe that there is something else to know.  You must KNOW that your physical body (including your physical brain) is not all there is.

And guess what….yes…..we all have access to all thoughts that ever were and ever will be – because spirituality teaches us that we are a part of One Whole….but you can only tap into this Whole spiritually – using your imagination…or…letting your mind wander and allow it to think things your brain may not be programmed to be comfortable with.

The difference between me before I accepted that there was a spiritual aspect to ourselves and after I have accepted that there must be is this;

Nowadays, I use my mind to think – which has a much wider selection (more like unlimited amounts) of thoughts to explore – rather than my programmed brain – which limits me to what I had been programmed to think (limited by parents, teachers, friends, television. society, personal experience……….etc.)

All you have to do in order to be connected to this world of unlimited thought – is to KNOW it is there.

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