What Guys Need to Understand About Women

31 Jan

When I can, I try to make my husband watch my favorite show – The Housewives (all of them) on Bravo.

I can’t help being intrigued by the way these gorgeous, wealthy and intelligent women try to maintain total control of themselves but at the same time not realizing that they are displaying some real ugly sides to the entire nation – and they will have to answer to their behavior at the end of the season.

Last night was the reunion of the Beverly Hills Housewives and there was some real juicy human moments that I had the opportunity to share with my husband.

The Housewives of Beverly Hills are particularly the most intriguing group because they are the richest, the smartest and the most prepared to be on a reality show.  They all have publicists, as celebrities do, that tell them what they can say and what they can’t say.  They live in Beverly Hills, so they are all exposed to the lifestyle of celebrity and they have the advantage of understanding how it is necessary to conduct themselves publicly to limit bad publicity.  But…….

I love watching the mess ups.  The times when emotions take over and they cannot help but be human and let it all hang out.  These are the moments I use to bring my husband into the fold of what it is like to be a woman in a woman’s world.

Last night, Adrienne Maloof, who owns the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Hotel, and Lisa Vanderpump, owner of 26 upscale restaurants and bars, got into it.  Before telling you the premise of their little conflict, let me explain one thing……Mrs. Maloof and Mrs. Vanderpump manage to maintain complete composure AT ALL TIMES. You will never see them become unglued.  They are well trained in the art of proper aristocratic presentation and they take pride in their diplomatic abilities.

Now…here’s what set them off…..

Mrs. Maloof recently designed a line of shoes.  Mrs. Vanderpump referred to her shoes as the “Maloof Hoof”.

Yes, there was some more pieces to the story and other allegations that were flying between these two women…..but….of all the things to get upset about, the hoofs comment caught a gaggle of geese.

All the ladies seemed to find this silly little name for Adrienne’s shoes quite offensive.

These are the moments that I use to try and explain to my husband how men fight with their fists and women fight with their head.

Ladies… know how men always accuse us of analyzing too deeply into things.  Well, its because we are so used to reading between the lines.

“Maloof Hoof” doesn’t sound like it should be considered that offensive to anyone – and, I am sure most men would think these women were utterly ridiculous for ruffling their feathers over this….but, if you are a women, you know that this cute little name was meant to be some sort of personal attack.

Mrs. Vanderpump even made it clearer later when she said….””It was just a play on words. It’s cute; it’s a little fat shoe. I’m sorry, but that’s a joke. I didn’t think that it was hurtful. I thought it was funny…..”

What’s my point?

Men – you have got to understand, rather than dismiss, your woman’s issues she is having with other woman.   You are her only voice of reason.  You must remind her that it is silly – not because she is silly for reading into things, but because it is silly to take things so personally.

Yes, women have a way of getting their dig in discretely, but we, the beneficiary of the dig, don’t need to react to it by taking it personally.

Men are much better at this – because they don’t even understand that they are being mentally attacked!

My husband now gets it and instead of calling me crazy for seeing things that aren’t there, he now assumes that I know what I talking about – but he will also insist that I don’t let myself unravel over nonsense.

Men – learn your woman and understand her mind.  This will enable you to teach her your ways.

When a man and a woman understand the thinking of the other, peace within the partnership is inevitable.

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