How Important is Being Thin?

27 Jan

At one point in my life…..this was the most important thing to me.

I hate to admit it, but its true.   I wanted to be skinny so bad that my entire life revolved around it.  In fact, I married a guy who felt the same way…..that being skinny was kind of like a testament to being in control of yourself and if you aren’t in control of yourself………what kind of person are you?…..

The sad part is that I was NEVER thin!  When my first husband married me I had lost a significant amount of weight by going to the gym like an army sergeant, but I was still not “thin”.  I always had (and obviously always will have) big breasts and a big ass.  At my lightest (and this is after avoiding fat and going to the gym 5 days a week, 2 hours a day) I was 5’4, 137 lbs.

I felt like a model at that weight.  But the minute I had babies all my hard work went up in smoke.  I tried to get there again numerous times over the last 16 years, but, my 137 lb days are over.

So how do I justify this to myself?  Wasn’t I the one who thought that if I can’t control myself enough to be thin then I must be out of control?

Trust me… took years (and I am not even fully there) to realize that weight does not matter.  As long as you are healthy, what you weigh doesn’t matter.

And – I mean in every aspect of your life, there will be no place where weight matters – unless you make it matter by doing what I did….making an aspect of your personality.

For example, I have noticed that guys worth dating don’t really care that much about a few extra pounds if the girl is honest, loving and fun to be with.  Guys worth dating are looking for the same thing girls worth dating are looking for – a partnership with someone they like and can trust.  These elements alone produce attraction.

You know what I mean because we all have met people that we initially thought were unattractive and the more we got to know them, the more attractive they became.

So, besides health and attracting good men, what other reasons could there be to worry (and drive yourself crazy over it) about not being Hollywood “thin”?

Maybe you are worried about other people referring to you as “chubby”  -or- not thin enough -or- that you don’t do enough exercise- or- you must be a lazy person -or- no man is going to want you -or- you eat unhealthy -or- you have no self control -or- not liking you because you don’t look as good as they want you to look……………………………………………….

If any of this is the case…..your problem is not your weight.  Your problem is worrying about what other people think too much!

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6 responses to “How Important is Being Thin?

  1. Miss Lego

    January 27, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    Some extra pounds have to ve considerd. Being fat has never been healthy and that is a fact. Based on that, it is good to be in shape for both mental and physical health.

  2. Fashion101

    January 27, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    totally agree. healthy and toned is better than thin any day.

  3. Cheryl Baumgartner

    January 28, 2012 at 4:44 am

    Let me add my two cents here. As long as you are healthy. Weight does not matter because weight is not the issue. I have seen people give up on losing weight because they don’t lose weight. They start a diet and exercise plan and GAIN weight. Muscle is ‘denser’ than fat. Don’t believe me got to the grocery store and compare 5 bls of lard to a 5 lb cut of lean red meat. When the fat begins melting and the lean muscle mass grow you can often see wight gained instead of lost.

    But the biggest issue I have with the “be thin’ mentality is the psychological damage it does. Bulemia, Anorexia, binge and purge all of these issues are usually rooted in low self esteem because someone isn’t Hollywood beautiful. All of those issues I mentions will lead to poor physical health until the root cause is corrected the negative view the sufferer has of their own body usually caused by trying to get Twiggy thin.

  4. Peaceful Controversy

    January 28, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    I am saying exactly what Cheryl is saying….being Hollywood thin is not necessarily healthier and it is definitely not mentally healthier. Being physically healthy is very important, but it starts with our minds. We must have healthy attitudes about ourselves for it to trickle into our bodies. We cannot keep denying that there is a connection between the mind and the body that even doctors consider when treating people.
    Obviously I am not telling those that choose to worry about their weight to stop….what I am saying is that those who worry about their weight, but struggle with their self esteem due to extra pounds should consider the fact that they have other things to worry about rather then their few extra pounds..i.e. finding their self value beyond their weight and worrying about what others think too much.
    As a matter of fact, focusing on your weight to a point where you are unable to focus on anything else, in my opinion, will probably end up being counteractive. Which would explain yo-yo dieting.

  5. My Book of Stories

    January 30, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    I am a new follower and I look forward to reading more on your site. I am going to read more and then I’ll be commenting. Donna

    • Peaceful Controversy

      January 30, 2012 at 6:12 pm

      I always like to check out the blogs of my followers because I love to read what others think about and talk about. It looks like we can both exchange some wisdom from each other and I am looking forward to it!! Peace!


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