Respect Others….But…Don’t Trust ‘Em

26 Jan

How are we supposed to trust others in a world full of lies?

It seems that we are inundated with lies daily and there is no conceivable way of filterting the truth.

What amazes me is that we have any trust left for anyone.  It never ceases to shock me that advertisements are effective means to sell products.  Doesn’t anyone think to themselves that the advertiser could be lying about their product?

After all, there are no real laws that protect us from this….

The Mad scientist inventors are running wild!.

Anything goes.  Bull…oney is legal – and lawyers are trained to protect your right to spew it!

Furthermore, we live in a world of lies, so what do most of do?…… Join the club.  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em…..

Trust should be something that is earned – not something that is handed out.

The funniest part is that what we do trust is nonsense and what we don’t trust can potentially do irreparable damage to our personal relationships.

For example, we will go ahead and buy those silly microwable slippers because we think there is a possibility that they might be as good as the advertisement says they will be…..but our kids must be lying about what they do behind our backs and we intend to catch them.

I say we forget about trusting people.  The sad fact is that we can’t trust anyone – even our children.  Instead, we should decide to respect everyone.  By showing respect (as opposed to trust) our message is that we understand that people are going to do whatever they will do, regardless of how we feel, but we respect their rights to choose and we don’t have to take it personally if we can’t trust them.

By following this guideline, we protect ourselves and at the same time,  keep important relationships intact.

By showing respect to others, we are encouraging others to give us respect….and if the relationship is valuable enough, sustaining a relationship that has mutual respect will inevitably require everyone in that relationship to behave in a trustworthy manner.

This is how we filter who we maintain relationships with.

If I give you respect in a way that you can appreciate receiving it and you understand very clearly that the way to maintain a long-term relationship with me is by reciprocating my respect by being honest with me – at all times….you will decide to make one of two choices.  Maintain the relationship by sustaining mutual respect, or don’t maintain the relationship.

It will make no difference to me – because, if you don’t feel that earning my trust is worth the effort – I will have no invested interest in maintaining a relationship with you.  I can still give you respect even though I don’t trust you…..but I don’t have to hang out with you!

In the end….everybody is happy!!

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Shannon Miller

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