Are We “Better” People if We Are Religious?

26 Jan

The concept of religion, in my opinion, is misunderstood by a vast majority of people.  Being “religious” or abiding by religious laws and living within a religious community and sending our kids to religious schools……is not going to “save” us.

Religion is far more complex than just doing what we think is the “right” thing in G-d’s eyes.

Most of us think that being polite, going to Church or Synagogue, raising our kids not to have premarital sex, and proclaiming ourselves to be G-d fearing is all it takes to be “religious”.

In fact, the purpose of religion, in my opinion, is not even to teach us how to be “ethical” or “moral” for the sake of other people.

I believe that religion, if studied properly, guides us on the path to finding G-d (or The Life Force of the Universe) Himself – and teaches us how to attach ourselves to It’s energy.

I always look at things in two different ways (physically – or “reality” based and spiritually) – and then I try to put those two ways together – so everything makes sense to me.

For example, I wonder to myself what is thought?  I wonder where it comes from and why people think the way that they do – which may be different than the way that I think.  This question obviously requires a different post to allow me to expound upon it, however, I will mention one thing just to be able to tie stuff together.

After thinking about this (as well as reading lots of stuff to find answers) I have come to the conclusion that thought and energy may be one and the same.

Both are intangible and mysterious.  One (energy) is measurable in this world and the other (thought) cannot be measured in this world, however, if you believe in a spiritual world, I would define thought as the energy of the spiritual world.

I am trying to put words to concepts and I don’t have the easiest time with this…so bear with me here.

Which brings me to another way to explain what I am trying to portray to you.  Putting words to concepts – according to my philosophy – is taking the spiritual energy of thought and changing it to physical energy – or whatever it takes to write it or say it.

With that being said, let me get back to my original plan of bringing two ways of looking at things (the physical way and the spiritual way) together.

So, if thought is spiritual energy (who’s source is undeniably unknown) and the source of physical energy is unknown, it is easy for me to concluded that these two things have a common source.  Therefore, I can say pretty confidently that the source for both is The Life Force of the Universe.

I can say this confidently, because no one can say that it is a wrong way to think though you can try to refute if you would like – I live for that.

Accordingly, if it is not wrong than it is right to me – until I get new information that will change my opinion.  Is it a “fact” – NO….because it cannot be proved.

Anyway…….following this train of thought, if I can assume that thought and physical energy have the same source – The Life Force of the Universe, I can then say to myself that thought is just as vital as energy – and energy is what is needed to live!

You might be asking yourself at this point “where does religion come into all of this?”.  I am now going to try to bring this concept full circle…..

The same we way use physical energy in order to keep our physical bodies healthy, we must use spiritual energy (thought) to keep our spiritual bodies healthy.  Religion provides us the opportunity to do that.

By studying religion – or the teachings of religion, we can keep our mind sharp (healthy).  Keeping our mind sharp prevents static electricity  from taking over our minds.  Static electricity prevents clear thought – like when a radio station does not come in clearly.

We are not thinking clearly if we do not exercise our thought (which, according to what I have presented, is spiritually connected) regularly.

So, in a nutshell, studying religion(s) (which is the only way to be “religious” in my opinion) is not so that we can be “better” people.  It is so that we can plug into our source – The Life Force of the Universe – clearly and without static or interference.

Imagine being able to plug into the thought of the Universe…..(Akashic records?)

Yes, we can think about lots of different things that will expand our thought, but how do we know if our thought is correct or not?  Because we read something in a book to tell us it is?  But, what if you read something in another book that says the exact opposite?  Who is “right” and who is “wrong”?

Religious teachings are intrinsically vague.  They do not state anything one way or another.  They will present a concept in the form of a story or saying and our challenge is to find knowledge through that story or saying by understanding it – or using our thought to think about what it is trying to say.

What I have just presented to you is an example of how this works.  I have used my religious teachings – or my understanding of religious text – to expound on the various stories or sayings that I have learned over my lifetime to come up with a theory – or philosophy – that is correct – TO ME – because it is based on my understandings – and not some one else’s!!!

By assuming (or knowing) that this is a correct way of thinking for me, I am able to build thought from there and my thought ultimately becomes clearer because it all fits together and makes sense.  I am able to see things on a bigger scale or a wider perspective – rather than through a peep whole or the perspective of an ant.

The ant analogy was not meant to insult anyone’s perspective.  It was meant as an analogy.  How do you think an ant views an apple that is laying next to it on the ground?…..

One more thought…..I say to me, for a very important reason.  You, based on your understandings of religious text (we all have learned religious text at some point in our lives), will have your own perspective that you will build on and it may be different than mine – but “right” for you.  Is your perspective “fact”? NO!

And…..the more you learn and exercise your spiritual thought the more you may broaden your perspective and what you thought was true yesterday, may seem silly to you today.  This is how we evolve and become more attuned with the Universe.

So…..if you want to plug into the thought of the Universe and you are looking for an available plug….religious text is a great place to start!

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4 responses to “Are We “Better” People if We Are Religious?

  1. Cheryl Baumgartner

    January 26, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    I have a very different view of religion. All too often religion is about following the dogma of the sect not about building a bridge to God. We all need to start taking it upon ourselves to learn God’s word instead of looking to religion to tell us what it is. Blind faith in religion is dangerous, our blind faith should be placed in God.

    Religion is a man-made institution and that makes religion fallible, God is not.

    • Peaceful Controversy

      January 26, 2012 at 4:39 pm

      I agree, however, I do not like to take away from the ancient text. I believe there is much to be learned from it and we shouldn’t dismiss it as religious dogma. In my opinion, the dogma is the man made part of religion, however, the actual religious or ancient teachings can be interpretted in many different ways – and it is to our benefit to learn the text in order to understand a higher understanding of human beings, life and spirituality.

  2. Cheryl Baumgartner

    January 26, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    It’s not the text that is the dogma that I speak of, that is a part of the word of God. It is the interpretation of the texts by men which is all too often taken out of context to support the dogma of the specific religious sect.

    A good example of this is the Council of Nicea which established and accepted ‘version’ of the Bible. In order to promote the interests of the Catholic church, the council had one man pick a handful of ‘books’ from over 400 books and gospels and establish this as the official version of the Bible. Anything that did not fit in this man’s view of what was God’s word was discounted, ignored and suppressed.

    For the most part all Christian religions are based on the official Bible, meaning that we only receive less than 1/10 of God’s word.

    • Peaceful Controversy

      January 26, 2012 at 5:37 pm

      I understand. I am Jewish and dogma is the name of the game in my religion. One thing I have to say about Chrisitianity is that, despite that fact that there It (and every other religion) is based on only part of God’s word, Christianity still instills teachings of love and acceptance of others as part of the main tenets of the religion. Judaism is different because although love and acceptance is the root of the religion (as it is for all religions), Orthodox Jews (Jews that adhere to the “laws” of the Bible – as interpreted by the ancient Pharisees) believe that you have no place in God’s kingdom if you do not adhere to the ritual and laws associated with Judaism. This comes down to the fact that turning a light on during the Sabbath is equal to murdering someone. This explains how disturbed and delusional some Orthodox Jews can be – and are represented as such collectively.
      Since I come from an Orthodox Jewish background, this topic (as well as government control and inequal wealth and freedom distribution) has vital importance to me. I really feel that the majority of the WORLD lack the understanding necessary when it comes to these issues – nor do most people even care to think about it….. and this contributes to the majority of the problems we are seeing in our times.
      I relatively recently started this blog and so far I have not made any significant connection to others regarding these issues and I do not take it as a failing of myself…I see it as a fact of life. People are not interested in this. They have other things to think about….work, making money and partying like a rock star :)!
      With that being said, I just wanted to let you know once again that your comments are appreciated and intelligent which makes them even more appreciated.
      Peace and G-d Bless!


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