The Federal Reserve is Privately Owned

25 Jan

Yes.  I am not lying nor am I saying something that I don’t know for fact.  I have heard it said more than once and, apparently, this is a 100% fact that no one denies.  And guess who owns it….privately owned banks…..surprise, surprise.

I found an interesting article (“Have You Heard About The $16 Trillion Dollar Bailout?“) that happens to mention this at the bottom, but the gist of the article is that America uses the privately owned Federal Reserve to give much, much, much, more money to banks than we, the American citizens are aware of.

From what I understand, in a nutshell, the Federal Reserve was created out a fear of a bank collapse in the early 1900’s and was initiated by the Rothschild’s and the Bank of England.

This link gives some sort of tree tracing the roots and ownership of the Federal Reserve: “Who Owns the Fed?” …..wouldn’t you know….JP Morgan Chase is somewhere in that tree…..

I don’t know if anyone has noticed this, but Chase banks are ALL OVER.  I live in Brooklyn, NY, and there is one on almost every other block and they are always opening new ones.

Listen…I know it doesn’t matter what I think or what I say.  Do your own research about the financial system in American and you will be shocked and what you are going to become aware of.

Banks run this country – not our elected officials.

I am not a “conspiracist”.  I am a seeker of truth.  I am not looking to collapse government and point fingers at people to blame for my problems.  I don’t have any problems.  I am very content with my life……however, I do not rely on money for my happiness…..nor should anybody….

Because……the truth is there are relatively very few people in this world that have most of the money available combined.  These are the very people who control what we are allowed to do and what we are not allowed to do.  They control our freedoms as human beings – and they do it secretly and silently.  Why?  Because if we knew the truth, we would have no choice to take matter into our own hands – and how we would do that, probably wouldn’t be so pleasant for these very few people.

I am not so good at keeping track of details because the details are never that clear and I like to leave that up to you to make your own educated opinions, however, I like to understand the bottom line and the way that I do that is that I think about it in terms of what I already know to be true real life through analogies.

For example, when I read about this “conspiracy theory”, it is easy for me to believe, because in my own life I have witnessed this in action only on  a much smaller scale.

I have a lot of wealthy friends and family that scam, lie and manipulate others in order to make money.  They are able to do this and get away with it, because they have other people working for them that do all the dirty work for a paycheck and if something slips through the cracks, they pay for lawyers and accountants (professionals) to bail them out.

It works every time.  They have not been caught yet because most of us simply trust.

We trust when we pay for a service that we are being honestly provided this service.  We trust that a product is as good as the money we are paying for it.  We trust when someone says they are a “professional” that they are.  We trust that lawyers are working for us and their astronomical bills are legitimate.  We trust that people tell us the truth.  We trust that celebrities live a life to be envious of.  We trust that the government has got our backs.  We trust that when the media says everything is OK, everything must be OK.  We trust when the President of the United States says he work for us and make things better, he will.

We trust that people have good intentions and everybody really wants what is best for everyone else and no one is just trying to make a dollar over maintaining their own integrity……(yeah, right)

The truth is that we are too busy trying to “make it” to bother to think about these things….and…in order to “make it” we have to sell our souls to the people who have already “made it”……

It is a catch 22 – don’t fool yourself.

We are very afraid of being considered a low life, lazy, unproductive, a loser, stupid….and whatever description you can think of that describes those who do not have a lucrative career in America – nor do they want one.  After all, isn’t America the land of opportunity?  How dumb do you have to be not to take advantage of the “opportunities” all around us?

I say it is all in the way you view it.  In my opinion, it is “stupid” and “lazy” and “unproductive” not to keep you eyes open and smell the coffee for the what we are about to face.

I don’t trust anyone.  I respect everyone’s right to choose how they live their lives, but that does not require me to trust them and follow their ways.

Soon our dollar is going to mean nothing and all the hard work that you do to “make it” is going to be for naught.

Let me ask you one more question……..If someone owes a lot of money and they are not able to pay it, because they do not generate enough and they overspend, so they borrow more from the bank…..and they keep doing this…….is there not going to be a point at which the bank is going to want their money back and they will PAINFULLY have to stop their bad habits in order to pay the bank back – or lose everything?

You don’t see any correlation?

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