Read the Fine Print!

24 Jan

Cruise ship survivors and families of deceased passengers are being told that they have limited rights when it comes to suing Carnival (parent company of the cruise ship) for damages….

Watch this for the whole story..

Harsh Reality for Cruise Ship Survivors

This should be a lesson to all of us that we should be careful what we sign.  I know someone personally who owns a bed bug extermination company (bed bugs are a big problem in NYC) and makes his customers sign a disclaimer that is ridiculous.

The disclaimer basically says that they are not responsible for gross negligence of any sort and if the customer  chooses to sue them, they are responsible to pay THE COMPANY’S  legal fees!!!

Every single customer signs this disclaimer without reading it.

The owner of the company is a smooth talker and is a great salesman.  If he comes to your house, I guarantee that you will have bed bugs (whether you do or don’t)…and he guarantees that he will remove them using a new technology (bull…oney) and if they ever see any again he will exterminate them again (double bull..oney).

His disclaimer includes the fact that if anything happened differently from the time he leaves the premise until the time they rediscover the bed bugs, he is not obligated to keep his end of the guarantee.

I know some of you may think that I should report this guy – and I would love to, however, it would turn out to be a real sticky situation with a lot of people I know.

P.S. – This company is not really a bed bug extermination company.  I just used this industry as an example of the type of Company that this person owns….I am unable to expose the real service this guy “provides” due to the fact that it affects too many people… But the point still remains – READ THE FINE PRINT!!!!!!!!

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