To Imitate or Initiate – That is the Question

23 Jan

A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” Martin Luther King Jr.

We are living in hard times nowadays. There is civil and military unrest as well as economic strife throughout the world. We cannot trust that the intentions of our own government are truly for the benefit of us, the citizens. Everything that we are faced with on a daily basis, including simple things like trusting your “friend” seems to be wrapped up in lies and presentations that are skillfully manufactured.

Is there a remedy for, what seems to be, a dire global situation?

Martin Luther King was a true leader. We all know that he was a leader in the fact that he was able to create a platform for all people to stand up for what is right. A black man in ’60s to be so vocal and so renown throughout the world with the ability to effectuate a following of others that may have never been able to find their voice otherwise, must have a been a true leader. He was a “molder of consensus“.

He did not ask what us what we want and what we need – he told us what we wanted and needed.

He did not wait for the time to be right. “A right delayed is a right denied” was what he told us.

He was not afraid of being ignored or worse – quieted. His his answer to those that ask why bother was the lesson that a person who breaks a law that he consciously feels is unjust, is really expressing the highest respect for the law.

This is a leader.

Where are the leaders nowadays? Where is the person that is standing up for our basic human rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Has the government done its job when it comes to leading this nation to peace? How would we know? Everything seems to be a lie.

This generation has a big hurdle to overcome before we can have a true leader that will guide us to our salvation. We are drowning in lies. Everything we see and, unfortunately, we say is one big lie. We don’t even know collectively what we want anymore. At the same time we claim to want to eliminate starvation from the world and make sure everyone has equal rights, we also want to live in million dollar mansions and drive $100,000 cars so that we can be “winners” like those that we have been convinced are more successful than us.

Which one is it? Which one do you really want? To be the most wealthy and powerful like the wealthy bankers and business men, politicians, athletes and celebrities, you read about or see on television – or – do you want peace and equality throughout the world?

First we have to make a personal decision. We have to decide to pick a purpose. Is our purpose in life on a collective level to compete for the “leadership” role – or – the most powerful position (whatever that may be)…or is our collective purpose to work together as one to create peace throughout.

The first of these choices is not true leadership. There will never be a collective consensus as far as your personal power goes. However, the second choices opens up a whole new possibility for you. You have the potential to become a leader by deciding what you stand for and what you believe in and then going out there and making it happen. If what you stand for and what you believe in benefits society as a whole – you have then become “a molder of consensus“.

With that being said, knowing that our society is filled with lies that are hard to differentiate from truth, become a leader and create truths that everybody will agree with and fight for with you. This can be done, but we must first make the initial decision – do we want to lead or do we want to follow?

In other words do you want to imitate or initiate?

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Shannon Miller

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