High Points Sometimes Come at your Lowest Points

22 Jan

I am a little shocked, but apparently, I was picked as Editor’s choice of the day on

I usually take the weekend off from posting, but I saw that my emails were going a little crazy so I checked up on them….and lo an behold…I am on the front page of

I titled this post as I did, because on Friday, I was not feeling it.  I was ready to throw the whole personal blog idea out the window.  I thought to myself why would anyone want to read my blog out of hundreds of thousands of blogs that are out there.

Apparently, felt my blog was readable and it is much appreciated.

The only thing I want to say besides thank you to, is this;  My site is called peaceful controversy for a reason.  I am waiting for your comments – no matter what they are – so that we can have a battle of wits.  I am not looking to win the battle……I am looking to turn the battle into the opportunity to evolve.

Thanks again to whom ever voted and supported my blog.

Peace be with everyone!!!!

Life is full of controversy so here is a thought to live by:
Why is life unfair?
Because there’s never going to be a system that is fair to everyone.
Shannon Miller
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4 responses to “High Points Sometimes Come at your Lowest Points

  1. Brother Ken

    January 22, 2012 at 1:15 am

    Hey Shayna! Ken here from Spiritandword!
    Just a note to let you know I often peruse most of your blogs but at the pace you are gifted to write them I am overwhelmed….sometimes 2-3 blogs a day! But I rejoice that you are hard wired that way. For me, less is more, plus I’m immersed now in editing and formatting my first book, ‘Beyond Humpty Dumpty!’

    Blessings in our similar but different journeys.

    • Peaceful Controversy

      January 22, 2012 at 5:41 am

      Hey! Good to hear from you.
      Yeah – it hit me like a ton of bricks that unless I devote quality time to posting and visiting other sites and forums, I am simply wasting my time. I could keep a diary if I wanted to just talk to myself, but I want to share my thoughts with others and its pretty hard to find those out there that I can get through to. is great in the way that everyone on that site, it seems, has some sense of a higher existence. I want so badly to touch the ones out there still searching. What a challenge. I am sure you understand what I am saying. I really want to help people “chill” as my daughters would say.
      Thanks for saying hi and I think I’m going to head over to spirit and word and get a little inspiration.
      G-d Bless!!!

  2. Cheryl Baumgartner

    January 22, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    Congratulations! I have been enjoying and following your blog.

    • Peaceful Controversy

      January 23, 2012 at 11:41 pm

      Thanks for the support! I really do appreciate it. And – the same goes your way. Your blog is great! Your honesty is a breath of fresh air :)!


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