Paula Deen Under Fire

19 Jan

Yes, Ms. Southern Hospitality herself is at the firing range – and she’s the target.  After confirming publicly that she was diagnosed with Type II diabetes three years ago, diabetics across the nation are enraged that she would continue to promote fatty and sugary foods.

Here’s the full story reported by Fox News (Paula Deen vs. Diabetics).

Really?  Isn’t cooking comfort food what she is known for?

What next?…..all Jack Ass fans are going to stop watching because one of the Jack Asses gets critical hurt in one of their stunts…..

It would seem to me that those of you who are diabetic would know what kind of diet you should maintain since your life depends on it.   Paula Deen has made a name for herself because of her decadent cooking.  Reality is that she’s is not going to compromise her empire and switch over to the lighter side.  What she eats in her private life is not our business.

I get confused by these stories because I really want to hear from the people who are outraged so I can a better understanding why they would be so outraged.  Why would anyone be upset that Paula Deen is a diabetic and doesn’t promote healthier food?

When is it our own responsibility to worry about ourselves?  Why do we care so much what other people do as if it has a bearing on us?

If you are a diabetic, I would suggest you follow your doctor’s advice – not Paula Deen’s.

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