Everything Comes Down to One Thing – How Much Do I Get?

19 Jan

As I peruse the internet for hints on how to bring traffic, I am realizing that most people want traffic because it is worth something.  You get paid for traffic.  Hence, the 25 million blogs about Kim Kardashian and “How to Bring Traffic to Your Blog”.  Oh well, so I won’t get traffic…

I live in Brooklyn, NY and every one I know is a hustler.  A popular way of making money around here is being a “broker” for whatever needs brokering.

For Example;  an friend of my husband’s got into the carpet cleaning business because his friend pays for advertising and lives in Florida and occasionally gets calls for jobs in New York.  My husband’s friend is his New York connection.  The friend in Florida takes half of the job for advertising it and this  guy takes the other half for doing the job.  Fare enough.  But it gets more complicated.

This friend in Florida also has a website for landscaping, however, he doesn’t do landscaping and neither does my husband’s friend – but a friend of another friend does.  So now if there is call for landscaping the check gets split four ways.  The friend in Florida gets half for advertising, my husband’s friend gets the other half for doing the job, but he can’t do the job so he splits that half with his friend for referring the job to the actual landscaping company who takes half of that for actually doing the job.

So you can imagine how expensive this landscaping  job must have been.

We are all hustlers.  Lately, everything must have a price tag with it.  Oh – your stuck in the middle of the highway and you need a boost…that’ll be $25.   Oh- You need money from your bank account…$3 please.  Oh-Need a lawyer for 3 minutes, you can expect an invoice in the mail for $200 because those 3 minutes were during lunch and, of course, lunch is on the client….

We are going broke because everything costs way too much.  Yeah, we need money to live, but what exactly does that mean? Living means that we must have the latest Louis Vuitton handbag for $5000?

I am not judging, but I have say that I find it very funny.  Call me stupid but agreeing to pay an astronomical amount of money for a pair of shoes that are made of two straps of leather and a buckle so you can wave the “I’m Rich –  Biatch” card is quite funny.

We can complain all we want about the government not being fare and life not being good and everything being wrong (which is all true)…but…if we don’t wake up and realize that by overpaying for things that are silly and useless and allowing others to dictate what we “NEED” and “MUST HAVE” to make us happier creates perfect conditions for a disaster.

We are in charge of ourselves.  When we make stupid decisions because we want to belong or we want win or we want to be better, one day we are going to realize that we are not better than anyone and we don’t need to have the right things in order to “belong”.  That day is going to be a hard one to bear because, take it from me (see my post “About-Me, The Author of this Blog”), you will feel very stupid for all the illogical decisions (and assumptions) you have made.

Paycheck or Self Respect – I’ll Take Self Respect

You Are Perfect – No Approval Necessary

Greed – The Deadliest Sin of Them All

Why is Life Unfair?

Life is full of controversy so here is a thought to live by:
Why is life unfair?
Because there’s never going to be a system that is fair to everyone.
Shannon Miller

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