The Double Slit Experiment Proving Reality is Relative

17 Jan

Before I begin this post, please watch this youtube clip that takes a pretty technical quantum mechanics experiment and simplifies it.  If you have read books like “The Secret”, this is a peek into understanding how the law of attraction is actually possible scientifically.

Note: I am not a scientist (especially not a quantum physicist) so please understand that these are my simple understandings of very technical and highly subjective scientific concepts.  If anyone wants to correct me on my understandings – I beg for you to do so. This subject is hard to understand, yet fascinating non-the-less so any deeper understandings based on knowledge will be greatly appreciated.

Now that you have been introduced to a basic quantum mechanics principle, please take a moment to think about the implications of this experiment.

Assuming that you have never been introduced to this principle before now, was your perception of what reality really is challenged at all?

Reality, as we think we know it, based on the results of this experiment, is not understood completely.  This can explain why sometimes an event can occur and affect its surroundings one way and sometimes the same event can occur and affect its surroundings a completely different way – depending on circumstances of the event.

In other words, despite what physical science has taught us over the centuries, we have no way of knowing what an effect of a cause will be – because it varies based on how it is observed.

Yes, physical science provides us with statistics, but let’s face it, most of us don’t bother to reconsider what has been “proven” as fact over the centuries…we generally leave the thinking to the “professionals”.  So, accordingly, most of us observe, or perceive, things similarly -or – based on statistics.  But imagine that you decided to delete everything that you have been taught till now to be true and allow your imagination to run wild. We probably wouldn’t be able to truly convince ourselves that horses can fly, but – we could probably – with a little logical thought – convince ourselves that because there is so much untruth in the world, we cannot easily believe what we are told by our “professionals” anymore.  Next, it wouldn’t take much for us to accept that we might have to first do research (or think for ourselves) in order to establish something as FACT by eliminating opposing possibilities.

In other words – before we can believe that what we see or hear is true – OR FACT-, we have to make sure that there is no interference with that possibility.  If it is not possible to prove that what we see or hear is a 100% percent accurate FACT – we can assume that it isn’t – because all the information that is necessary to eliminate opposing possibilities is not in our possession.

Just to shorten this idea – now that we have opened our minds to the possibility that reality is not what we think it is, we can assume that ideas or bits of information that were once believed to be “fact” cannot be fact because we have no way of eliminating EVERY SINGLE opposing possibility.

This is a little confusing, but let me try to give you a good analogy so that I can clarify what I am trying to say;

Can we assume that Kim Kardashian got married to Kris Humphries for real?  We might want to believe it is true (and we might want to believe that it is not true), but the reality is not available to us, therefore, we can assume whatever we want – but we cannot call our assumptions FACTS!

Once we establish that there are not as many FACTS as we think there are, we can open our mind up a little more and we can then attempt to alter our perceptions of events, because, after all, we now understand that if reality, or truth, is based on how it is observed, we can change the way we observe things.

Ok…So how is this useful to me  – you ask….

What if we were able to change the way we were to observe the state of our lives?

What if we were able to change the way we perceive or observe the way the health of our bodies is maintained?

What if we were able to change the way we perceive others?

What if we were able to change the way we perceive ourselves?

What if we were able to change the way we perceive anything and the way that we perceive it would become reality to ourselves……maybe not to others….but – does it really matter what other people think?  The opportunities for personal change are endless – and exciting!

With this knowledge, we can now understand that based on the Double Slit Experiment, our potential to change and to experience things that we never thought possible is truly in our power.  All we need is our mind and the power of reason – which can be acquired if only desired.  I am not saying anything that is fact – but I am not saying anything that is not fact either – so we can assume whatever we want to.

Reality is subjective – as the experiment illustrates…so…..why not go ahead and have fun creating your new reality – you have nothing to lose!!!

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