Paycheck or Self Respect…I’ll Take Self Respect

13 Jan

How far will we go for money?

I guess everybody has their limits…but at what point is the line crossed from being acceptable limits to self degrading?

I think the majority of the population will agree that killing another person for money puts a person in the category of a low life, or a person of low social standards.   Our opinions about this kind of person are irrelevant, because this kind of person has basically proclaimed himself to be a low life by his willingness to trade another life for money.  A person who is willing to do this doesn’t care what you think of him, because, he/she doesn’t think too highly of themselves.

So, if we can agree (and I assume we do), that killing another human being for money is self degrading, then what else falls in this category – or – is everything else ok?

Because it is my blog and I want to use it for the purpose of expressing my opinions, I’m going to tell you what my limit is.  I will not accept money as an exchange for anything other than services that reflect who I am and what I stand for.  In other words, if I am uncomfortable with any aspect of what I will have to do to receive money, I will not do it.

I will not steal for money.  I will not lie for money.  I will not be bribed for money.  I will not take my clothes off for money.  I will not provide any kind of sexual favor for money.  I will not act like a fool for money.  I will not manipulate another person for money.  I will not do something that I don’t agree with or that doesn’t make sense to me for money.  I will not listen to another person tell me what to do just so that I will get paid.  I will not compromise my integrity for money.  I will not pretend to enjoy myself for money.  I will not reschedule my day for money.  I will not be bored for money.  I will not serve anyone for money.

The only thing I will do for money is accept it if it is offered to me by another person who wants to give it to me as a token of appreciation for services that I was giving them for free.

If I am willing to do something for free, then I am willing to accept money for it.  Any other exchange, in my humble opinion, is self degrading (to me).  That is my line.

You might say to me that this is impossible to do because everyone has bills to pay and, therefore, we have to sell out to stuff we don’t like and don’t necessarily approve of  occasionally.  I am sorry, but I am not of the same philosophy.

The only thing I can say in response to this very valid and widely accepted point of view is – I don’t sell out and I haven’t had to yet.  One thing though….I need very little to survive.  I need shelter from bad weather, a book, some bread and maybe some butter and my thoughts.  I actually have access to a lot more than this, but all I need are these bare essentials….and I truly believe that if I didn’t have these bare essentials, I would spend a few days crying about it (the Why Me cries) and before long I would come to my senses and realize that as long as I have health and the ability to breathe, I am alive with unlimited human potential and money will not make or break that part of me.

As long as I am alive, I don’t need anything but my ability to breathe.  Life (not money) is the only thing that will enable me to reach the heights of my potential that The Life Force of the Universe has given me.

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Life is full of controversy so here is a thought to live by:
Why is life unfair?
Because there’s never going to be a system that is fair to everyone.
Shannon Miller

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2 responses to “Paycheck or Self Respect…I’ll Take Self Respect

  1. UP

    January 13, 2012 at 3:23 am

    Good post. I’m at a point in my life where I’m not sure the cash is worth the trash at work.


    • Peaceful Controversy

      January 13, 2012 at 1:27 pm

      Mr. Latte 🙂 – great blog. I spent a little bit there and its got some great stories. Yeah- I think a lot of Americans are feeling that way. Thanks for the comment and G-d bless!


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