And The Truth Will Set You Free…

11 Jan

This statement is so true, yet so vague.

Telling the truth to some people is what they are doing when they insult people.  Telling the truth to some people is what they are doing when they need to make a quick dollar and they convince others (including themselves) that what they are selling is vital to a person’s happiness in life.  Telling the truth to some people is what they are doing when they claim they are happy working 3 jobs in order to take care of everyone else and never taking care of themselves.

I am a Housewives (Bravo series) fanatic.  I never miss an episode.  This week the ladies from Beverly Hills went to Hawaii with their husbands for vacation.  Kim Richards, who is notoriously late for things and a lot of the time blows stuff off,  surprise surprise – missed her plane and came a couple of days later with her new boyfriend.  Long story short, in order to evade the public interrogation that was about to take place at the dinner table, Kim told everyone that her boyfriend had to work that day and that is why she couldn’t make it earlier.  Simple.  So, instead of reading her answer as – “please leave me alone right now, my boyfriend and I would like to eat in peace”…everyone was silent until Kim’s brother-in-law, Mauricio, decided to make a speech about the importance of telling the truth.  Then he proceeded to hound her about the truth as to why she arrived in Hawaii so late followed by everyone else hassling them about their unacceptable behavior.

(For a look at the clip, click on this link toasting-the-truth)

Last I checked, a 40 something year old woman is considered an adult.  Aren’t adults allowed to do what they want to do as long as it doesn’t affect others negatively?

You might say that it is rude to come late when there are so many people expecting you.  My answer is 1) if being late offends you or any of your guests, don’t invite people who are notoriously late for things and 2) no one seemed to be affected by the fact that Kim and her boyfriend weren’t there for a couple days.  They were having just as much fun without them – maybe more, since it gave all of them a few more things to gossip about.

Which truth is the one that will set you free?  The truth that Kim was late because she just was or is it the truth that everyone else there may have been bothered because their egos may have been slightly bruised because Kim and her boyfriend are content to be with eachother and weren’t as eager to join company with them – despite how fun, exciting and spectacular they are to be with.

I (nor anybody) will ever know what the real truth is unless we are told it by the person holding it.  If Kim lied about why she came late, no harm done to herself or anyone else.  If everyone else is lying about why they are upset – they are in denial of their own behavior (or self) and that is harmful – not just to others – but mostly to themselves.

That is why the statement “The Truth Will Set You Free” is so true.  When you know yourself well, your ego can never get bruised because you are never insecure.  By ignoring, or denying, that your ego controls irrational behavior and instead blaming irrationality on the behavior of others that shouldn’t have the ability to affect you – you will never learn to control irrational behavior, because you deny having it.

Just to tie all of this into a couple words….the truth will only set you free if it is your own truth.  Don’t worry about other people’s truths.  Other people should not be able to affect you if you are a strong willed, confidant and secure person.

In other words, refrain from saying these to words to anyone but yourself.

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