Bachelor Parties – What a Funny Way to Start a Marriage

09 Jan

I was watching this show the other day, I think it was called “Stag”, and the premise is that a couple decides to allow cameras into the groom’s bachelor party and then they both watch what happened there.  Keep in mind that the bride agrees that the groom can have a bachelor party to begin with.

My problem with this scenario is not the fact that the bride agreed to allow her groom to have a bachelor party or that they both agreed to taping it, or that they both agreed to air this on television.  My problem is the reaction of the bride to what the groom did at his bachelor party.  She was suprised that he was having so much fun!?!?

She gave a set of instructions to her groom and said (on camera) that if he follows her instructions, it would be ok.  Her instructions were to kick the women out of his bed when the cameras were on and not to kiss them, but it was ok to get blitzed to the point of not remembering it in the morning.  These were the rules she gave this guy.

So…..he got blitzed to the point of not remembering it in the morning and did not kick the women out of his bed when the cameras were on and kissed  a few of them.

At least he kept one of the rules.

My point here is this.  If you choose to be open minded and be the “understanding” partner and say it is ok for the person you chose to trust for the rest of your life to have one more night (at least) of “fun” with the opposite sex, then be ready for what that person may do.  Anyone – I don’t care who you are – saint or no saint –  who gets drunk in a very sexual environment without someone there to monitor them, will do things that they may regret in the morning.

I think women are under the impression that the person they are with thinks that they are so special (sexually) and that since they are so special (sexually) they can allow their significant other to be in dangerous situations that other people may not be able to resist, but since they are so special (sexually) their significant other will have no problem resisting.

Let me put this in a different way; if your significant other needs a sexual outlet besides you, you are not that special (sexually).  You may think there is nothing wrong with a person needing additional sexual outlets – and that is fine, because you are making that decision, but don’t be shocked when they aren’t as loyal to you as you think they are going to be when given an opportunity.

Bottom line – don’t test people.  If you REALLY don’t mind an “open” relationship, then that is your perogative…but, if you think that ACTING like you don’t mind just to see what that other person is going to do given the chance is the same thing, don’t be disappointed in the outcome.  Don’t say one thing and mean another.  You will regret saying it 9 times out of 10.

There is one more thing that I need to say regarding this subject.

Girls – you have much more to offer a man than a night in the sack.  When you limit your special qualities to how well you fulfill the desires of the opposite sex, you will be very sad when you realize it is not hard to fulfill the desires of the opposite sex.  Men are different then women in a very big way when it comes to sex and it is hard for young woman to understand this difference.  Men physically need sex.  Women emotionally need sex.  A man can satisfy his desire and be over it within seconds.  Women need much more than seconds to satisfy the emotional craving of love.

To all the young, beautiful girls out there who think that being good in bed and sexually desirable is all you need to do to be happy – you are very misinformed and you are going down a very dangerous path.  There are many men out there that will convince you that your body is all you are worth.  Hollywood, the media and the beauty product industry also contribute to that lie.   You have a lot false information to battle with here – SO YOU NEED TO USE YOUR HEADS.

If you continue thinking that your body is the only thing that you have to work on, one day you will wake up and realize how much time you have wasted on worrying about your body and how little time there is left to fix the only thing that really matters – YOUR MIND!!!

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