G-d Put The Tree There On Purpose

06 Jan

Why did G-d put the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden to begin with just to tell Adam that he can’t eat from it?  Why did the serpent ask Eve if G-d really said that she can’t eat from any of the trees? Why did Eve respond that she can eat from any of the trees, but G-d said ‘You can’t eat or touch the tree from the middle of the Garden lest you die’?

This was a all chain reaction to the the fact that G-d put the Tree there to begin with.

Our All Knowing Creator did not know that this chain of events would take place? After all, this is human nature in it’s most simple form. It’s a string of lies the led us to a consequence.

I say that G-d had to know that this was going to happen and that is precisely why G-d put the Tree there and told us not to eat from it. Funny that the Tree is called the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad.

I think that maybe G-d wanted us to learn a valuable lesson right then and there – that lying and everything under the categorie of lying (misrepresentation, misinterpretation, stretching the truth, omitting pieces….etc.) is going to get us into trouble.

If everyone involved, including the “serpent” (representation of something else possibly – maybe a different blog..)would have told the truth in its purest form, maybe, none of this would have happened.

The consequences (not punishment) were put into place as a result that would naturally fit the crime.

1st consequence:
The serpent would be crawl on the floor and eat dirt and be hated by the woman throughout generations. The woman and her offspring will strike at the serpent’s head and the serpent will strike at their heel.

Well, of course, the serpent tricked her by manipulation and why wouldn’t the woman hate the serpent back and teach her children to hate the serpent back. And what is the most effective way for a woman to get back at someone – mentally. What is the best way to for a snake to retaliate – at the heel, or from behind undetected.

As for crawling on the floor and eating dirt…without a supportive women on the side of the serpent instead of against the serpent, which, apparently would have been an option if not for the fact that the snake manipulated her, where else would the snake find itself (of his self). When a woman loves something, she nurtures it and builds it up. She feeds it with her love.

2nd consequence:
The woman shall bear children in pain and her urge will be for her husband and he shall rule over her.

Apparently, before this goof, Adam and Eve (who was, let’s not forget, was created to be a fitting helper to Adam) were in the Garden hanging out naked and none the wiser. I say this, maybe there was no guilt before this tree incident. No guilt, no pain. Once guilt came along, along came the pain and women have to bear it because after all – she was the one who actually did what she was not supposed to do. It doesn’t matter that she was tricked on both ends. She was the one who ate the fruit and proved herself to be not such a fitting helper. She cannot blame someone else. She did it. She was the one who brought “death” to them when it was not there before. That is a lot of guilt to bear.

As for the fact that a woman’s urge will be for her husband and he will rule over her…guess what, when you do things that affect others without thinking about the consequences, unless you make it up to them somehow – guilt will eat you alive. Accordingly, our consequence as woman is the guilt of our deed and the inability to make up for it – we’ll get to that later.

3rd consequence:
Adam (or man) has to toil by the sweat of his brows in order to eat and then he will return to earth where he came from.

Let me ask you this. G-d gave Adam – not Eve – all the benefits of the Garden of Eden AND the benefit of Eve as a helper. So what does Adam do, ignore the rule that G-d gave to HIM directly AND THEN blame the helper that G-d gave him – as if G-d made the mistake. What G-d giveth, G-d can take away. That goes for anybody. If you gave somebody something very valuable that you thought they would love and appreciate and instead they commit a crime with it and blame you for giving them the gift in the first place….What would you do? Naturally, you’ll take it back. Just like G-d did.

And finally, as far as returning back to the dust where we came from – “death” had to come into the picture somehow, because that was the punishment we were promised to begin with.

But death has really been the least of our problems.

So, in conclusion, I contend that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was a lesson in what happens when we lie in any form. We still have a long way to go before we learn this lesson.

As far as women fixing the problem and riding ourselves of deep rooted guilt that caused our pain… I think we are coming full circle in these days and we are realizing that, yeah, we ate from tree, but we were just trying our best in an unfamiliar world. I think we are starting to realize that we don’t have anything to feel guilty about anymore and we don’t owe anybody anything. The tides are changing and womanly strength is slowly coming to the forefront of the world.

It took many thousands of years, but the time has come for women show men what we are capable of – take heed all you guys that think that women are just here to be your MAIDS. We were meant to be fitting helpers and we have not been doing our job correctly UNTIL NOW because we have been wasting our time with guilt. Now we are here to help – so move over and ENJOY your gift that G-d gave you!!!

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Shannon Miller

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