Why Do Women Wear Heals?

05 Jan

Saturday night was New Year’ Eve and my husband and I went to the village for a night out.  Generally, when we go out I don’t get “dressed up” because a) I would rather be comfortable and b) I don’t have anything to wear because I never buy anything but comfortable clothing.  But…Saturday night I decided I was going to be 25 again and get “dressed up”.

I bought myself a pair of really nice boots with 4-5 inch heels.  I got a cute short dress to go with the boots, did my hair and took a few shots of grey goose and was ready to paint the town red.

Big mistake…..By the time we got to the city, my feet were hurting a little.  I ignored it and drank a few more shots and danced the night away in my 4-5 inch heels.

Big mistake…..We did not go by car into the city.  We took the subway.  This requires walking.  You need to be not just drunk to take a cab in NYC on New Year’s Eve, you need to not be able to tell the difference between black and white.  My husband did not want to invest $100 into a ride home when the night was over and insisted that we take the train back home for $2.25.

BIG MISTAKE!  I was a little drunk and him telling me that he wanted to save money at the expense of my feet was not cool with me.  A fight ensued and the night ended with my feet in blisters and nothing else, if you get my drift.

So, why do we women wear heels.  Generally, when my husband and I go out we have a great time and I guarantee he doesn’t know what’s on my feet.  Maybe he is an exception to some kind of rule….but I have a feeling he’s not.  I really don’t think most guys care about what we wear as long as we are fun to be with.  So, once again, why are we torturing ourselves in order to “look good”?

Maybe we think they care.  Maybe we think other people around us care.  Why does it make a difference what anybody but ourselves care about – when it comes to OUR comfort?  Come on ladies…. Why?

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