Democrats vs. Republicans – The Third World War

05 Jan

Before I begin – I have to admit that I have not been watching the news lately because all they talk about is the GOP nomination.  I actually stopped watching the news after August 2nd – the debt ceiling deadline.  I felt what went down in this Reed and B0ehner circus was all I needed to know about politics and our government.

I guess what the media was hoping to do was please their employers by spinning this story so that there is two sided debate.

One Side:  Everybody who worked hard for their money over the years, does not want share their hard work with slackers who just want to grub off the hard working wealthy.  These are the Republicans.

Other Side:  Everybody who worked very hard for their money – but are not wealthy and don’t think its fair that the wealthy are entitled to special tax rates.  We need that money for things the government needs to pay for such as social security, education and the healthy and safe environment of it’s citizens.  These are the Democrats.

There was the additional view of the Tea Party, but the media was sure to blast them on both sides.  According to the Republicans, the Tea Party members were considered “Freshmen” and their opinions were too immature to take seriously and all they wanted to do was cause a catastophe by not raising the debt ceiling at all.  The Democrate referred to the Tea Party members as “economic terrorists” for the same reason – not agreeing to raise the debt ceiling.

This dispute is impossible to resolve.  Each side is emphatic about there rights as American citizens.  Rich People have a right to their wealth – they earned it, and the less wealthy (most of the population) have a right to the special tax privileges of the rich, and if not – the rich shouldn’t have them either.  The problem is that there is stuff between the lines that neither media outlet (Fox or CNN) talked about.

In defense of the Republican side, I agree, wealthy people who worked hard for their money and sacrificed valuable time with friends and family for the sake of a wealthier life style for them – deserve what they worked for.  Money is important to these people and they should be allowed to have it.  That is what they want in life and that is what they deserve – assuming they were successful without stepping on other people’s toes.  If they had to step on other’s peoples toes by lying and scheming then that money that they made really isn’t their’s to begin with.   I did not here this one little glitch mentioned on the Fox or CNN.

In defense of the Democratic side, I was an accountant for a couple years and I can say from first hand knowledge that there is DEFINATELY tax privileges that the wealthy have that the less wealthy do not.  For example, until this year, everyone was receiving a “make work pay” credit on their tax return, which is a flat $400 credit for singles and an $800 credit for married couples.    This year they no longer offer the “make work pay” credit and replaced it with a 2% reduction in employee’s social security withholdings.  They call this a “payroll tax holiday”.  That’s good news for those families making over $40,000 per year but not for those who make less.   A married couple making $30,000 and filing jointly would have netted $800 in credit but under the new scheme will only save $600. It’s even more dramatic for those making less: a married couple making $20,000 and filing jointly would have netted $800 in credit but under the new scheme will only save $400.

Yes, this is a fact – amongst many other tax rules that are too confusing for most of us less wealthy people to keep track of because we are too busy working long hours just to support our families, so they slip right through undetected.  Don’t forget the fact that wealthy people can pay for expensive accountants that know all the tricks and can save them oodles of money.  Less wealthy people cannot.  They have to go to H&R Block where they put the numbers in a computer and it generates a tax return.  There is no tax advice included…..

But, while it is true that the majority of the population is not as wealthy as the multi millionaire group in the one percent and the government needs to collect taxes to pay for our collective social services, is the money that the federal government says it is giving towards the health and safety of its citizens really being spent for that purpose – or are there some debts to owed for various behind the scenes deals.  Solyndra is an example of suspicious deals made public, but what about the ones that we don’t know about?  Where there is smoke there is fire…

Bottom line is this.  This division in our political structure is no longer about politics and it is just a matter of time before it comes to a head.  There are significant moral and ethical issues surrounding this debt debate that are not being focused on and, eventually, we will have no choice as our world stands on morality.  No one can escape the lies and manipulation of others.  That’s why the rule “do unto others as you would have them do to you” is the motto of all religions.  There is a higher power involved, whether we believe or not, whether we like it or not and whether we choose to ignore it or not.  The debt ceiling issue is still lingering in our lives despite the fact that the stock market seems to be recovering.  You cannot just ignore 14 trillion dollars of debt so that you can continue doing whatever you want to do.

I am not so sure the tea partiers didn’t have the right idea.  Don’t increase the ceiling and deal with the consequences.  We all have come to that point in our lives and I think the Federal Government is at that point.

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5 responses to “Democrats vs. Republicans – The Third World War

  1. libertyblog91

    January 5, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    Good blog, I must say American politics is much more interesting that UK politics, you guys actually have something you might call an ideological divide. Although I would agree that in the US there are big tax breaks for some of the rich, did you notice General Electric filling 14 ft of tax return only to pay 0 in corporate tax? For Americans earning their money through the traditional means of a salary and not CGT they pay a lot. Someone earning 10 million a year is probably paying nearly 50% in income tax by the time you factor in 35% marginal federal tax, social security, medicare and state taxes. The best thing you could do it so simplify the tax code, get rid of the loopholes and let everyone pay a much flatter rate of tax. Ideally get rid of the IRS, if that happened the US would be my first destination when I graduate :P.

    • Peaceful Controversy

      January 5, 2012 at 10:35 pm

      Too bad your not a citizen (from what it sounds like) I’d vote you president!

      • Peaceful Controversy

        January 5, 2012 at 10:41 pm

        The tax code definately needs to be simplified and I don’t understand why it isn’t. That fact along should enrage us. Just to file a tax return costs us a lot of money because it is too complicated to do without an accountant. And, yes, you would think (and that is what they are crying about) that the wealthy pay are really large amount of taxes, but between the fact that all property that they own that is “losing” money can be claimed as a loss against their income and carry that loss forward throughout the years and many, many, other special loop holes for the wealthy, I have seen with my own eyes tax returns of millionaires that get earned income credit – legally.

      • libertyblog91

        January 10, 2012 at 2:56 am

        I did always find it strange that for a nation of immigrants an immigrant cannot be president. As far as taxes go the reason you do not get reform is because big business and the super rich know they get a good deal currently, you would think that the big money would love a guy like Ron Paul who wants to take an axe to government spending and regulation, slashing taxes at the same time, surely that is what the rich would love? The reason they don’t is because they benefit as much as anyone from government welfare while the middle and some of the upper classes pay the bills. It tells you something about the economic system when the super-rich do not want to get rid of the IRS.

  2. Dustin Willeto

    January 7, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    Your style is so unique compared to many other people. Thank you for publishing when you have the opportunity,Guess I will just make this bookmarked.2


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