Reality Television – My Guilty Pleasure

03 Jan

Everybody likes to kick back and enjoy a little guilty pleasure once in a while.  My guilty pleasure is ice cream and….da,da,da daaaah…. Reality Television.

I cannot deny I am a Reality TV junkie.  I really get into it.  My husband laughs at me and I suspect he secretly thinks I just fake the spiritual thing and I’m really just a nitwit (just kidding – he knows I’m really a nitwit..:))

But, in my defense, there is something that I actually get out of watching all of my favorite reality shows….

I have learned a lot about people in general from reality television.  I watch a lot of different kinds of reality tv, but, for some reason my favorite shows to watch are the various Housewives series on Bravo.  It’s interesting because my life is absolutely nothing at all close to these womens’ lives (except that I am in the same age group as most of them), but I am particularly fascinated with these womens’  behavior.   I think it is because it happens to be that a lot of my personal aquaintances seem to share personality traits with these women and until recently, I have purposely cut myself off from these aquaintances due to the fact that I could not understand them.  I viewed as them as shallow and a waste of my time.  I judged them to be beneath me.  Let’s not forget to mention that they too judged me to beneath them.  Maybe, I, subconsciously, felt they were right.

I have learned from my addiction to the Housewives series that, just like myself, they struggle with all the same emotional issues that every woman around the world struggle with – even though they seem to have everything already.  They are all wealthy, well connected, intelligent and drop dead gorgeous  – even in their 40’s, but they are just as insecure as I once was.

Some of these women have gorgeous bodies and refuse to wear a bathing suit when they go to the beach.  They are too embarrassed in front of the cameras.  These women often feel the need to show off and/or compare their possessions with others.  If they were secure with themselves, their abundance of (or lack of) possessions would have zero influence on their self-esteem.  They very often take silly comments made by their fellow cast members very personally.  A secure person would never get offended by a stupid comment made by someone else – even if it was directly offensive.  Instead of getting offended and causing conflict, a secure person would wisely confront the person throwing punches and ask them why they did it and maybe offer an apology or if that won’t help, disconnect from them on a personal level.  A secure person would never take a silly comment personally.

But there is one difference between me and every one of these women.  I do not have the social obligations and responsibilties that these women have.  I am in my own little world blogging my feelings and not really caring about much else (thank The Life Force of the Universe).  These women are moment to moment inundated with businesses and social functions and responsibilities that they must – not only just attend – but be an active part of .  I have to hand it to these women, I would never have the energy for that much pressure.  But, at the same time, I would never want that much pressure and responsibility because it would take time away from my quiet moments when I am able to clear my mind and think about the important things in life.

So, what have I learned from these reality shows?  I have learned that everybody has some sort of problem that they are insecure about – even people that seem to have no problems.  Now that I know that, I have actually recently been less judgemental about those aquaintances I mentioned above.  I don’t think they are beneath me anymore.  They are just like me – only they have accepted mucho responsibility on themselves so they may act out once in a while do to their stressful situation.  I understand that now and, accordingly, I don’t mind if they think I am beneath them – because I am – in the way that they think I am.  I am not able to do what they do.  It doesn’t matter that I don’t even want to.  I couldn’t even if I wanted to.  Kudos to those of you who have that energy.  But – please…take one piece of advice.. slow down every once in a while and smell the roses.  The real pleasures in life will be missed if you don’t.

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