Peace in the Midst of Terror

03 Jan

Everyone who wants to see it can see it.   Peace has got to be in our future.   How do we know?   Because Jews, Christians and Moslems all agree on some sort of concept of a Messiah and anyone who believes in a merciful G-d (from here forward, I will be referring to G-d as the Life Force of the Universe) must believe that there will be a point in time that peace will be ever present.   Through faith in The Life Force of the Universe, we can be assured that peace will eventually be ours.  But what if you don’t have faith that things will be ok?   If you pay attention to current events, it is not easy to say so faithfully that The Life Force of the Universe will take care of us.   There is violence, poverty and ecological destruction across the planet and the problem is not improving.   Actually, the problem is increasing at a very fast rate.   Short of a blatant miracle, it seems as though there is no hope for the future of humanity here on earth.

Here is where I might catch a few harsh critics.

I believe that blatant miracles occurred throughout our history, however, I also believe that those same miracles that some viewed as blatant and undeniable, could also be viewed as regular natural occurrences and The Life Force of the Universe’s involvement with these natural events could arguably be minimized.   I believe that this is possible for the sake of maintaining free will.   If The Life Force of the Universe were to hit us in the face, would we have any questions?

With that being said, assuming that I may be correct (although there is no way to say one way or the other as these are the mysteries of life), what kind of grand miracle would be able to hide from some and be undeniable to others.   The miracle that is happening right now, right in front of our eyes that some of us are noticing and some are completely ignorant of.   A spiritual evolution is taking place as we speak and if you look around you will notice it.   There is a movement happening. A buzz on the street….a higher, faster thinking is permeating some of our thoughts.   Some of us are on to it and it is clearly miraculous.   Others are too busy stagnated in a life filled with silly possessions that require hard, stressful lives that will enable the acquisition of these seemingly all important possessions – because they think that these possessions are the blessings that The Life Force of the Universe has to give.   These people will not waste one minute on the thought that there is anything more important than financial status and “power” over other people.   But – by focusing elsewhere, they will, unfortunately, not be able to witness the miracle that is happening all over our world as I write this blog.

I contend that the miracle is a jump to a collectively higher consciousness.   People all over are realizing that life is wonderful and that the joy in life is not comprised of our silly conquests of others, but of our connection with others.   There is a movement of peace coming through like a freight train and if you are not ready for it, you will be run over by terror.

In conclusion I just want to say this…WAKE UP EVERYONE.   The Life Force of the Universe cannot wake you up because as humans, we were given free will and that is the responsibility of our personal free will to choose to wake up.   If you do choose to wake up, all you need to do is ask for help and it will be provided.   But if you choose not to wake up, you will miss the experience of a great miracle happening right in front of your sleepy eyes.

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Shannon Miller

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