Overcoming the Fear of Death

03 Jan

If you have read my blog post called Fear vs. Faith – Are They Compatable?, you might question the following; If aquiring true faith results in no fear within…how is it possible to ever rid ourselves of the fear of death?

This is hard to convince someone that it is possible, since no one has ever died and been buried and come back from the grave to tell us about it.  Fear of death is fear of the unknown.  A simple answer would be that if you have faith in The Life Force of the Universe, you have no fear of things that are unknown to you, because you trust that all is meant for your good – including death.

I have another answer to this question that requires a little meditative thought about the concept I am going to present to you.  I actually didn’t come up with this by myself.  I found this idea in a book I read by Deepok Chopra.  I read so many of his books, I am sorry that I can’t give you the exact title of this one – but you can find profound wisdom in any of them.

Think about this.   You were once 10 years younger and everyone you ever knew was younger at one time.  That person that was younger, or at a different stage in life than he/she is at currently was a different person.  That younger – or different – person, is no longer with us now.  You will never get to speak to that person again.  They are dead.  They have moved on to the next stage of life.  When I think about this – especially when I fit my kids into the equation, it brings to tears to my eyes.  I have two teenage daughters and I can never have those cute little 5  year olds back.  Those babies are no longer with me.  I have two different girls right now…yes, I love them the same as I loved the baby versions, but I miss the baby versions and I can never, ever,  be with those little girls again.

This, in my opinion, is great example of the concept of death.

Yes, death is sad for those left behind..but everyone has already experienced the feeling of losing someone dear to them as I have (or Deepok Chopra has) explained above.  If you can feel this and understand that “death”  is simply a door to the next stage in life, you can understand it and eventually not fear it.

One more thing to think about.  We never die.  Our bodies die, but our minds are made of energy and energy never dies.  Energy can change forms, but it does not disappear.  Stephen Hawking has even said that energy – or information – does not even get destroyed in black holes – though he once theorized that it did.  So based on science – we do not die….we just change…

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2 responses to “Overcoming the Fear of Death

  1. Ken

    January 3, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    Thanks Shayna for morning spiritual stimulation……and for posting this topic, always something everyone ‘wrestles’ with one way or another. I’ve heard it said that everyone daily thinks about their death, though in the nature of your blog today, HOW we think of that is the key….or perhaps our ongoing process.

    I agree with so much of what you wrote and feel and have experienced. Although I do know to share cognitively in stories or from others that we don’t have to be afriad is much different than if TODAY we were told we only have a few days or weeks or months to live—how then would we cope??? Well, I’d like to believe that we can live like we’re dying, or live like we will live forever, and the KEY seems to be that difference between head and heart knowledge…some people call it ‘Religion’ or ‘Relationship’ though that’s a bit simplistic.

    As Christians or Bhuddists or Muslims or whatever brand of worldview and faith we may assume, we can all share the tennents of our faith—our head knowledge, but it is in the CONTACT WITH THE DIVINE, however we call that, that a ‘relationship’ can emerge—for the atheist as well as the born again…..How often have we heard of the former having a ‘close encounter’ a ‘bright light’ or ‘near death’ experience, and everything changes….much or all of the fear of death is gone….That’s grace, whether we’re ‘believers’ or not…..G-d IS Gracious, and the LIGHT is poured on everyone, even though for many of us we have had a Damascus Road experience, knocked off our horses in one way or another, being blinded only to slowly awaked to ‘sight’ and ‘new vision’……..That’s a GIFT for sure….The Greek word for ‘gift’ is also the one for ‘grace’….I like that..

    Thanks for your sharing from Deepok Chopra….let me add another simple one that has been helpful for me, and you being a mother of two girls, having given birth can relate. When a baby is growing within for 9 months it’s warm and fairly comfortable….as it grows it can hear sounds out there, muffled voices, sensing heat and cold, etc. The baby doesn’t really know what’s fully going on in the world out there but is learning and experiencing. Then come the trauma of birth—the pain of deliver, no longer breathing fluid but thrust into the world—it’s like a death experince though NEW LIFE. Now, instead of 9 months there is 90 years!

    There’s a nice parallel here with our lives and eternity. We now live in the ‘comfortabrel womb’ called life……..We hear ‘sounds’ out there of something beyond, something else—The OTHER—but we don’t know much of it…We can sense ‘sounds’ and ‘voices’ and ‘heat’ and ‘cold’ and however you explain the soul and spiritual and beyond. THEN COME THE DAY—-our death, when we are thrust out of this womb—not for 90 years but for eternity! (or for the next stage of life and development or however you want to describe it)..

    Peace and LIGHT!

    • Peaceful Controversy

      January 3, 2012 at 5:41 pm

      You are right that if, G-d forbid, I found out TODAY that myself or a loved one had only a short time left – I may (not may – will) react with a whole host of emotions that are not comfortable to have. This is very true. Do I know what they would be? I cannot say that I could even ponder that question, or even want to think about it. Experience teaches us what we need to learn. True Emotions help us understand the lesson. I don’t want that experience, but I have faith that if The Life Force of the Universe needs me to learn a life lesson, the emotion of the experience will lead me in the direction of that necessary lesson that The Life Force of the Universe is trying to teach me.
      I loved the example of birth. You hit the nail on the head with the idea that we go through different life cycles and while we are in a life cycle we can only contemplate or get a hint of what the next one will be – but we can be sure that it is not going to be one that we will not learn from!
      Thanks for your wisdom and thanks for pushing me to be wiser!


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