The Root of All Religions – The Awe of Creation

02 Jan

Before I begin, I want to insist that nothing I am writing is with bad thought.   I realize that religion is a very touchy subject and some may get offended from my statements, but I do not mean to offend.   But- the time has come to put everything on the table.   We cannot just tiptoe around important issues that that are impacting the world in ways that may not be understood until it is too late.   Anger is brewing all over and religion as well as social class (which, in my opinion, are directly related) is at the top of the beef list.

I am a Jew. If I weren’t a Jew, I might not understand the Jewish people.   I might feel angry and even hateful.   Do the Jews really think they are the “chosen” ones?   Are you kidding?   What?!! – everyone else is just here to serve them and that is how they think G-d wanted it?   What right do they have to just do whatever they crooked lawyers and accountants.   Cause entire banking systems to crash. Kick people out of their country so that they can “return”?   Who do these people think they are?   Don’t they get it that they are causing others to suffer under the guise of G-d?

But – on the other hand….wasn’t the first Bible given to the Jews?   Wasn’t Jesus a Jew?   Isn’t the basis of all western religion Judaism?   Some sects of Christianity even teach their constituents to give respect to the Jew as the Jew is the root of the tree.   Isn’t Israel sacred and weren’t the Jews called the Sons of Israel (Bnei Yisroel) in the Bible itself?   Doesn’t the story go that the Jews were brought out of Egypt into the desert to receive the Torah (the Bible) and it was given to us because none of the other nations accepted it and we did?   Can’t a Jew say…What?!!!   Now you want to accept it?….

I want to talk about this because this has caused me a lot of grief in my life trying to understand this issue.   I have faith in G-d and my faith relies on the fact that G-d is merciful and must have the ultimate power of understanding human nature better than any person on this planet, obviously.   If this is so, which I have to assume it is, G-d understands that humans have this funny thing in us all called a competitive streak.   You may not think you do, but you do, in some way or another.   Not only do we have a competitive streak in all of us, but that competitive streak has even caused some great men (such as Darwin) to say that is what makes us or breaks us as humans altogether.   This competitive streak is the root of all of our clashes within humanity.   Who is richer?   Who is better looking?   Who is physically stronger?   Who is smarter?   Who is nicer?   Who is more of a giver?   Who is more obedient?   Who is wiser?   Who is more knowledgeable?   Who is the most relaxed?   Who lives a better life?   Who does G-d like better?

G-d does not speak to us in a direct manner because if it were that easy, what would life be worth.   There would be no challenge or growth to enjoy.   Experience is the essence of life.   Experience is our “fun”.   Free will is our gift to enjoy the “fun” with.   Put these two together and life becomes the only true blessing that has been given to us.

With that being said, G-d, our Creator, I have to assume, wants us to enjoy the blessing of life that He/She/It gave to us.   But how can we enjoy life if there is competition involved.   In competition, someone has to win and someone has to lose.   All of us are G-d’s creation.   In order for someone to breath, they have to have life in them.   Life is part of G-d and G-d will never lose.   Therefore, all breathing creatures are aspects of G-d that cannot lose.   We need to understand this before we can move ahead to the next phase of life – PEACE!

We have to rid ourselves of the un-G-dliness in ourselves.   That un -G-dliness is our competitive streak.   Life is a game, but not a competitive one.   It is an interactive game.   Competition divides.   We are supposed to One.   We are supposed to help our fellow pieces of G-d to find connections to one another so we can become whole again – not separate.   We need to stop this nonsense of who is better and who is worse.   There is no such thing.   There is only one thing -G-D!!!

We are all part of a machine.   We are all vital.   Even the smallest screw on the most advanced machine is vital.   Without that small screw the whole machine can disassemble.   We have to realize that our screws are falling out of The Machine and we are disassembling.   We are causing our own destruction because we have taken upon ourselves to decide that the screws weren’t important and that we can disregard them.

We need to accept that we are one and that our connection is the Awe of Creation.   We are pieces to a puzzle and when put ourselves together we can see the big picture.   Even religions need to find their right place because each religion is vital to the person that was born to it.   Are Jews “chosen” or were they “chosen” to teach this concept that was given to us in a Book Written by G-d to everyone else.   Do Christians have more heart or are they necessary to remind the Jews that heart has a place in the puzzle?   Are Muslims more G-d fearing than all other religions or are they here to shake us up a little so we don’t get too carried away with the concept of Free Will, and are reminding us that boundaries are still necessary….???

I want to mention one more idea (which I am going to blog about further next).   The idea of social class and religion being interrelated.   I am just going to say this…the statement “G-d blessed me with a lot of money” really gets my goat. Really?..That’s it?   G-d blesses people with money??   That’s all G-d could come up with?   Come on now people.   Let’s elevate our thoughts just a little.   G-d has a lot more up His/Her/Its sleeve than money………

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2 responses to “The Root of All Religions – The Awe of Creation

  1. matchsoul

    February 25, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    as a human no body can over come on religion, luck, death and your body structure, because all these thing is already written in our faith but one thing is in our own hand which is to become a good humankind ,
    and Allah created you almost.

    • Peaceful Controversy

      February 25, 2012 at 11:52 pm

      I agree and we all have to realize that we are OK just the way that we were created by our Creator….we can call our creator Allah, Hashem, G-d, The Life Force of the Universe….but there is only one Creator and I owe my life to It!!
      Peace to you my friend!


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