Guilt – Faith’s Biggest Enemy

02 Jan

In order to have true faith, one of the hurdles is you have to believe you deserve the presence of The Life Force of the Universe in your life.   If you have guilt about anything, you cannot truly feel that you deserve the benefit of true faith. Guilt, founded or not, prevents us from true faith. As long as guilt exists, we will never truly believe that we deserve the help or comfort of The Life Force of the Universe.

This is a huge obstacle that may take multiple years to come to terms with on an individual level and only you can help yourself with this one.   It was the hardest hurdle I had to jump, but I managed to jump it and rid myself of guilt which has opened the doors to true faith. So, how do we rid ourselves of guilt – especially if we are, in fact, guilty?

Let’s talk about some examples of guilt that might pervade the mind of a person.

Example 1) Let’s say you stole an item from someone. Simple…..Return the item. You are now no longer guilty.

Example 2) You  lied to your boss and took credit for work that was done by another employee in the company. As a result, you were promoted and the employee was demoted. (Maybe this is far fetched, but you get the picture) Guess what…the only way to alleviate guilt is by telling your boss the truth. Yeah…hard to do, but must be done in order to be free of guilt.

Example 3) You feel like you may be a bad parent because you aren’t as attentive as other parents are. You let your 12 year walk to school his/herself because it is easier than driving him/her. You feel like you take the easy road when it comes to parenting and the guilt drives you crazy.

In this situation you have two choices. a) Don’t take the easy road anymore and be more hands on, if you really feel it necessary. b) Think about the situation carefully. Is there anything really wrong with your 12 year old walking to school themselves – even though all the other parents drive their kids to school. You have to make sure that you approve of your own behavior and you can easily forgive it – even if others criticize you. It doesn’t matter what others think, if you are ok with your behavior, your behavior is ok. Guilt is not necessary.

Example 4) You cheated on your husband or wife and he/she still doesn’t know about it. This is eating you up alive.   If you tell your spouse, divorce is imminent.   If you don’t tell your spouse, guilt will never let go.   This is a very tricky and sensitive situation.   You must question the reason you cheated in the first place.   Were you unhappy in the marriage or did you simply lack self control?

Whatever the reason, you must articulate that reason to yourself and decide whether or not you can explain it to your spouse and make them understand you well enough to forgive you.   Maybe, once you understand the reason, you might even realize that you have outgrown your relationship with the person.    So many feelings are involved with this that it takes a lot of quiet contemplation to really get in touch with them inside yourself and from there express them to the victim.

This must be done if you want to get rid of guilt.   But – lucky for you that if you are trying to dispose of guilt in order to replace it with faith, this is a good place to start. The Life Force of the Universe is not going to desert you. You might be surprised how freeing it is to release feelings within, even if the consequences seem like they might be too much to bear.

This does not mean to randomly release your feelings on everyone, despite the hurt that it may cause. Releasing feelings must be done sensitively and with wisdom – that is why long hours of quiet, meditative contemplation is required to even understand your own feelings well enough to communicate them properly to others.

Guilt is not easy to rid yourself of, but life is not peaches and cream. Some things you cannot sweep under the rug and forget about and pretend like you are “staying away from negativity”. If you do this, you are not only lying to those that may have been affected by your actions – you are lying to your own self.   Denial results in never finding the guilt within yourself that needs to be disposed of in order to reach the freedom of true faith.   Denial ensures that you will always be trapped by your negative behavior that you think you are just ignoring for the sake of “staying positive”. Denial will forever prevent you from being a free soul.   Denial leaves you in darkness with no hope of true happiness.   Denial is the same as lying and lying can never allot you the connection with The Life Force of the Universe you desire, because the Life Force of the Universe is the Truth.  The Truth is what we are searching for and will ultimately connect with – if we choose to!…..Good Luck!!!

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Shannon Miller

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