What is Our Purpose?

28 Dec

This question is definately a loaded question.  First, before we can even ask the question, we have to be able to solidly conclude that we actually have a purpose.  Coming to this conclusion is like climbing up a very, very high mountain -not so fun and quite tiring and we may even lose hope, confidence and motivation that we may ever reach the top.  If we can persevere against all of these odds, we will eventually reach the top of the mountain.  So too – once we finally can KNOW that there even is a certain purpose (or goal) that we are trying to reach during our lives – that is when we have reached the top of the mountain of life,

So – my question still remains…..What IS our purpose?  More than that, how can we be so sure that we have one  – how do get to the top of the mountain with so many harsh conditions against us?  And – once we get there – what it feels like going down the mountain seems just as hard. In other words, once we figure out that there is a purpose, what if we never fulfill it because WE DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS?!!

First of all, I cannot convince you that we have a purpose.  I cannot follow you up that hill – I did that trip already and I had a route that I took that might not be as scenic as you would like  – OR – it may not be as dangerous and thrilling as you might crave.  I cannot tell you how to climb the mountain.  All I can say is that once you are on top, even though the journey down seems daunting – you are not scared because you already did the hardest part.

What I can confidently tell you so that you can feel motivated to pursue this trek is this…… once you KNOW that there is a purpose here, you will KNOW without a doubt that the purpose is to be happy!!!!  That is why the journey down is much easier (literally and metaphorically).

During your trip down, you will probably be paying closer attention to the scenary around you as well as the details you might have missed while you climbing.  Only after paying very close attention to what makes you tick as an individual can you then discover what actually makes you happy.  You might also find that things that you thought were going to make you happy, really don’t make you happy – they simply cloud your judgement and hinder your pursuit of true happiness.

But, be aware – not completing the journey ALL THE WAY UP THE MOUNTAIN FIRST – before coming down, does not make it easier.  It makes it depressing, because you will never know what it would have felt like at the top!

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