Have Lies Taken Over?

28 Dec

Lies…..Everyone tells them and everyone is told them.  WHY???  How is lying beneficial in one’s life?

I have no answer to that question – because, lying is in no way beneficial.  I say make sure you don’t do something you have to lie about – and if you do, figure out the reason why you did it in the first place and come clean right away.

For example, cheating on a significant other is a big one.  If you have done this, you most likely have lied about doing it.  WHY?????  Why did you cheat on this person to begin with?  There are many reasons why you might have cheated and one of them may be you simply couldn’t resist (which, in my opinion, is the weakest reason). – however – you still did it.  Lying is not going to clear you of charges.  Not only is lying not going to make you innocent of the deed you are most probably feeling guilty for, but it may even cause you to do it again because you didn’t “get caught” doing it the first time.  So now, you may do it again and dig a bigger hole of guilt.  When will this viscious cycle end????  WHEN YOU STOP LYING ABOUT IT!!!!!!

We all know this is true.  So why do we still lie?  Because we are afraid of the consequences.  Yes, that is the truth.  We do not want to pay consequences for our actions.  We would ideally like to live and do what ever we want to do without consequences.  I say this is possible, but first we have to know what it is we really want to do.  Using the cheating example, we have to decide what we really want… Do we want to be with the one we love – or – maybe we don’t love that person as much as we think we do and maybe we really want to be free from that person to explore others.  We have the right to make that choice.  We are free spirits.  BUT – if we choose to be with someone that we love, we cannot hurt that person.  Claiming our right to freedom, in my opinion, does not mean the right to hurt others – especially if we care about them.  If that would be ok – we would live in a world of hate, deception and distrust……..This is not the world that I live in.

Some people might choose to do things that only suit themselves.  This is fine.  Again, you are a free spirit and you have the right to live your life any way you choose.  But If you choose to only accomodate your self and not include anyone else in the plans, you may have to pay consequences for your choices.  Lying will not prevent that from happening.  Lying will just delay it.

In conclusion – DON”T LIE!!!  Do what you want and consider the consequences of your actions.  If the consequences are worth the deed – without having to lie about it – go ahead and be free!!!  Don’t listen to others that will give you advice by telling you what you should or shouldn’t do.  You as a free spirit have to make those choices – and I guarantee, once you grasp your inner needs by feeling them, you will always make the right choices – and you will never need to lie to anyone about anything!!!!

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Because there’s never going to be a system that is fair to everyone.
Shannon Miller

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