Ten Reasons Why Controversy is Good..

05 Jan

#10 –     If the controversial topic is religion or politics – its a great way to get rid of unwanted guests.

#9  –   Once in a while, your in a rotten mood and you need to pick a fight with someone

#8 –   Discussing controversial subjects with your children can teach them how to make better choices in their life

#7 –  Great way to strike up conversation on a really awkward 1st date

#6 –  Controversy offers a great opportunity to intelligently interact with others

#5 –  Really listening and understanding the other side prevents us from misjudging others

#4 –  It gives us the opportunity to learn how to express our thoughts in an effective way

#3 –  If you get good at defending your point of view, you will never need a lawyer

#2 – Opening up to different ways of thinking increases wisdom


You get to prove that your right!


Life is full of controversy so here is a thought to live by:
Why is life unfair?
Because there’s never going to be a system that is fair to everyone.
Shannon Miller
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One response to “Ten Reasons Why Controversy is Good..

  1. Fednox

    January 6, 2012 at 2:08 am

    I praise your blog.


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