Is This Ok?

05 Jan

This is a topic that is close to my heart.  I have two daughters and my older one recently lost a lot of weight and my younger one is still a little chubby…. What does a mother do about this?  Paul M. Kramer, apparently has the answer in a book call Maggie Goes on a Diet.

What’s your opinion?….

I happen to be of the opinion that too much emphasis on weight, really does impact the child negatively.   It is a funny thing.  I think if you let the peer pressure get to them all by itself, the child will make one of two decisions – 1) lose weight to fit in or 2) be content with themselves the way they are – despite what others think.  Either decision is acceptable in my book.  What about health you ask?  In my opinion, our physical health comes from our mind’s interaction with our body.  At the very least, accepting ourselves the way we are and being happy (even if we are little overweight) is a lot better than worrying about being overweight our whole life and never really accepting ourselves.

This is only my opinion.  I realize that there are those out there that work hard for a lean, beautiful body and are very happy with themselves – and maybe even truly happier than those that are overweight and say they are happy.  That is great for those of you who look great.  But we can’t forget about those of us who aren’t as fit – or as capable of putting in the rigorous effort it takes to look good.  You can call it laziness, you can call it a loser mentality…I call it not worrying so much about outer appearances, but redirecting that worry and effort into the work that needs to be done internally so that our most beautiful parts of ourselves (our souls) can shine through.

Collectively, I feel, it is necessary to accept everyone exactly as we are without imposing rules about the way we should be.  Who knows?….Maybe this is what it takes to solve the problem altogether…..

Life is full of controversy so here is a thought to live by:
Why is life unfair?
Because there’s never going to be a system that is fair to everyone.
Shannon Miller
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